Instagram now offers users 200 million photos a day and has over 700 million active users. It’s difficult to imagine what Instagram would look like if the app became slow or inaccessible, but it is becoming more and more likely each day that these concerns are indeed coming to fruition. Instagram recently introduced image recognition software that will automatically tag your posts with relevant hashtags and popular names (instead of your own), which could slowly start reducing user engagement on the platform — even though this software is not yet widely adopted by its majority user base. 

Parveen kaur instagram is also a teenager from Amritsar, Punjab. Her Instagram account name is @pgparveen. She is one of the top 10 female influencers on Instagram. Instagram posted a statement about this development back in December of 2016, stating that “We made the update because it makes it easier to find and discover relevant posts on Instagram”. Though you may see this as a good thing, there are plenty of people who may not want their pictures to be automatically tagged with new users “I’ve been having issues with this quite a bit recently,” Ms. kaur said. “When I upload an image to my story and tag the people in it, the hashtags don’t show up.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Instagram Anymore :

1. A brand can hijack your account at any time:

Take the case of Justin Bieber. His publicist had him delete more than a million photos from his Instagram account in 2013. He said that he did this because as “a new father” it was “important” for him to focus on his family. He also said that he wanted to focus on other things like music and acting instead of “filtering and curating my feed”. 

2. Celebrities are not the only ones who can have their accounts hacked:

In 2014, Kesha was sued by her former manager Dr. Luke for defamation over his alleged hacking of her phone to prevent her from releasing new music. She said that she was falsely accused of sexual assault, which led to him uploading “nightmare” pictures of her in compromising positions with other men on Instagram to ruin her reputation. 

3. It’s difficult for brands to reach you:

Most advertisers on Instagram (including many large brands) do not pay to be promoted on the platform. That means that you don’t actually have much say in what gets posted or not on your profile. This has led to rampant abuse of power by brands, where they are constantly bombarding you with posts and ads.

4. You can’t control the content elsewhere on Instagram:

One of the best aspects of Instagram is that it creates a community where people can post what they are doing and their opinions in a very public way. This means that you could potentially be held accountable by those who follow your accounts for the things you post. At the same time, many people want to be able to control the content that appears on their profiles.

5. Your location data is sold to advertisers:

Instagram recently made changes to its terms of service, which said that it could “collect information” about users, including “your precise location by using location services or satellite signals.” This means that advertisers and other people who buy advertising data from Instagram can know where you are — even if your account is private — and you have no say in what happens to this information. 

6. You want to use Instagram for marketing your business, but it’s not as effective as you think:

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for businesses, but it doesn’t work in the same way as Facebook. It’s difficult to see who actually engages with your posts and most people don’t see them right away (or remember to return to your profile if they do see them). This means that you need to post multiple times, which can lead to fatigue at posting and less engagement over time.

7. You can only do so much with Instagram:

One of the biggest complaints about Instagram is that there are so many limitations on what you can do on the platform. Almost everything you do has to be approved by Instagram, which means that it’s difficult for you to get creative with your content. This is frustrating for many people, who want to create content that they are already interested in — not just what someone else thinks will drive engagement.

8. You don’t know if your posts and photos could be sold:

It’s also possible that your posts and photos could be sold at any time in the future and this may or may not interest you (especially if companies use them for advertising purposes). Instagram recently announced that they were going to be selling user photos and videos — with no compensation to the users themselves. They are also only going to notify users after their content has been used. 

9. Instagram has deflated the most beautifully polished, carefully staged, and perfectly crafted posts:

Instagram is known for its filtered images and this can lead to you feeling that you are competing directly with the glossy-eyed models and celebrities that you see on Instagram every day. There’s even a word for this phenomenon: #finstagram — which basically refers to photos that have been taken by people in their everyday lives.

10. Managers are encouraging you to post too much:

There is an overwhelming amount of pressure on Instagrammers to follow a certain number of people, share a certain number of images each week, and use their hashtag so that they can stay visible. This is frustrating for many people because they feel like they are being manipulated into working harder than they need to in order to be “respected” by their followers — and it feels completely unnecessary if you don’t have that many followers yourself or if you don’t use hashtags or filters.


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