10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About BODYGUARD


A bodyguard is a person with an occupation of protecting the personal safety and security of a specific individual. In addition to providing close protection to the client, most modern bodyguards like obama shape shifting bodyguard are also knowledgeable about more general protection issues such as assessing risk, establishing security protocols and carrying out advance work.

Bodyguards usually operate in pairs or teams of two. At least one member of this pair will be dedicated only to driving (the so-called “chauffeur”). Other tasks that may be performed by bodyguards include protecting their client’s family or home while they’re away, controlling crowds at special events or buildings being visited by the client and acting in place of a client as an actor, model or representative at high society functions.

10 secret things you might not know about bodyguard:

1. Bodyguard’s job 

It is not just to protect someone from rival gangs, an intruder breaks into the house, but also to prevent their clients from being stalked or kidnapped by their adoring fans. Some actresses or actors are so important to their fans that they can’t even walk outside the hotel without being mobbed and followed. A bodyguard must be able to alter his or her normal routine in order to give their client privacy and space when needed.

2. Bodyguard requirement 

Bodyguards should also have good observation skills, as well as a good memory for faces, names, conversations and events. Many bodyguards are trained in surveillance detection, muggings prevention, advanced driving skills and hand-to-hand combat techniques in order to keep their clients safe.

3. Bodyguard’s costume

Bodyguards should wear oxford shoes or boots, dark suits, and ties. If they aren’t wearing the same suit as their client, they should at least be wearing a suit of a similar color.

4. Bodyguard Knowledge

Bodyguards are always learning new things because their job requires them to study up on any new possible threats in order to stay prepared and be able to handle any situation that could arise. Bodyguards are aware of the newest spy gadgets and weaponry used by terrorists and may be called upon to act when such weapons are used.

5. Bodyguard training

Bodyguards are usually trained by various security agencies such as the police, security guards, and private bodyguard training schools. Most agencies will be aware of their clients’ home addresses and family names. They are taught how to get in touch with the client’s family in case of emergency or hostage situations. They are also trained to understand different languages including sign language and fingerspelling, so they can communicate effectively with those who require it. As well, they learn other skills that most people never even think about such as how to operate a computer or cell phone without touching it, learning self-defense techniques, close quarters combat skills or weapons handling.

6. Bodyguard handling skills

Bodyguards are trained to not only be highly alert and observant, but to be able to handle themselves in a threatening situation. Most bodyguards are expected to have received at least some martial arts training and should be familiar with weapons such as mace, batons or pepper spray. Bodyguards are trained for self-defense situations by learning how to hold their ground in confrontations with an attacker, fighting their way out of a building or vehicle or any number of other situations that could arise. In addition, they are taught how to search someone for weapons such as knives and guns.

7. Bodyguard future

Many people get into the bodyguard business due to a high level of interest or concern for the individual they want to protect.

An average body guard earns $45,000 a year. That is an average between celebrities who are protected by extremely well paid private bodyguards and security guards at events or buildings which are being guarded for only one night.

8. Contract

Since most celebrities demand that their bodyguards are of high moral character, they are often required to sign a contract stating their responsibilities during the course of their employment.

9. Bodyguards on film

Companies such as The Firm, Control and the production company headed by Arnold Schwarzenegger have all been able to capitalize on dramatic bodyguard situations in films such as “The Mechanic,” “Heat” and “True Lies.” This has led to many films featuring bodyguards or people in dangerous situations requiring protection being produced. These films usually rely heavily on special effects adding elements such as fire, smoke and bullet marks to make them more realistic.

10. Bodyguards on the internet

Although there are many websites claiming to give information about bodyguards, very few really do. Most of these so-called bodyguard websites are actually advertising sites that are designed to help people find a particular person in order to advertise their services as a bodyguard. Many of these websites charge fees in order for members to be able to place their advertisements and those who post them usually have some type of qualification in order to be able to do so.


Bodyguards make a very good living. They are paid well and are able to protect their clients from all types of problems.

A large bodyguard company has private security guards on the payroll that they pay to protect their customers. These guards work at the client’s home, in their guard post or in the vehicle that is being used when they are being driven around. 

Typically, bodyguards work between 10-14 hours per day and will be paid by either check or direct deposit of wages once every two weeks depending on how far away the client’s home is from where the security guard works.

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