10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About DESIGN


DESIGN is an elusive and complicated term. At its most basic, the word design refers to a plan or pattern that can be used in the construction of something. The term’s definition falls short in describing what DESIGN actually entails at its highest level like proximie 38m series design…. For starters, design isn’t just about plans and patterns; it also involves systemization, creative thinking, innovation, multi-dimensional thinking, and so many more things. It’s a vibrantly beautiful thing that has never been fully described nor defined by one single person or discipline. As with any artistic endeavor, however, people have put their best foot forward and are always trying to figure out new ways to convey meaning through a form of self-expression that is inherently theirs alone.

Secret #1: DESIGN is the universal language

Design equals function. It’s not just a thing. It’s not just a label. Designers are a globally-respected profession who are responsible for production and creation as well as refinement of visual expression, including design, layout, typography, and color theory. 

The best designers can help visualize an organization’s mission through the effective use of visuals — everything from logo designs to architectural plans and infographics. They are responsible for building the system that people interact with every day at work or in their free time — whether it’s an app on your phone or an appliance in your kitchen.

Secret #2: DESIGN is an art form

The old adage goes: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and ultimately, this statement holds true. Design is a form of expression that can be effective and beautiful. The best designs are those that catch people’s attention, inspire them to think differently, or send a message through a medium they can relate to. It helps to be strategic, creative, and innovative when it comes to designing something people will remember.

Secret #3: DESIGN is design for purpose

A good design will always have an intended outcome or purpose (i.e., making something look pretty doesn’t count). Design with a purpose means taking your audience into consideration. It means having a purpose for every decision you make throughout the design process. As a designer, your job is to use your skills to create something useful and useful to others. Designing with a purpose means making something that works, works well, and stands out from its competitors.

Secret #4: DESIGN is at the heart of everything we do in life

Design isn’t just limited to graphic design or web design; it’s an inherent part of all things in our lives. It starts with the way kids learn about shapes, objects, and letters in textbooks or on flashcards (which are hardly ever interesting). It continues through the design of our furniture and appliances, clothes, and cars. It’s present not only in the way we communicate with others but also the way we communicate with ourselves. Design is the language of our culture and it’s everywhere.

Secret #5: DESIGN is a force for good

This one’s my favorite one. Most designers don’t even know that they’re doing a lot of work for good and are just taking their jobs for granted — as many of us always do. There are so many different ways we can use design to make things better in this world — whether it be to create awareness about something or provide inspiration about design itself. There are so many different ways to make a positive difference, and it’s absolutely amazing that we have the power to do so.

Secret #6: DESIGN will never die

Design isn’t going anywhere. Design is here for the long haul, and it’ll always be here for us. It’s not something that comes and goes in waves — but rather a never-ending cycle of creativity, innovation, and design. Art has no expiration date — just as design doesn’t either. As we evolve as a society, it continues to evolve with us into the future.

Secret #7: DESIGN is the most powerful force at work

Design is a business necessity. A designer’s job is to create something that will ultimately make his or her company more successful. Design is how we communicate with people and how we help improve the way they interact with us. It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also an incredible challenge to create something that will ultimately make a difference in someone’s life.

Secret #8: DESIGN can be an incredibly inspiring career choice

If you want to do something different with your life, then become a designer. If you want to travel around the world, designing software and websites for other corners of this planet, then do it. If you want to work with a wide variety of people, designing for industries that may range from professional sports teams to a healthcare company, then do it. In many different ways, designing is one of the most unique, exciting careers around. It can take you places and have you do things you never thought possible.

Secret #9: DESIGN will teach you about yourself

Design as an art form teaches people about themselves. It encourages people to look inside themselves and learn more about who they are and what they like in order to create something that enhances their lives or helps other people. Design is not only creating something but also producing and communicating it on a larger scale — almost always in an effort at helping others.

Secret #10: DESIGN is something you can always be proud of

Yes, designing something is a lot of hard work and definitely takes a whole lot of dedication. But you can’t beat the feeling of accomplishment when it’s all said and done — especially as a first-time designer. Designing something is not just about creating something, but also communicating its message in an effective way that people will remember.

You’ll never go wrong if you become a designer — or at least consider it seriously. You’ll never go wrong if you take this career seriously and use it to your advantage.

Conclusion of this article:

Design is an excellent career choice for someone with the tenacity, skills, and creativity to work hard — and the payoff can be worth it. It’s a long road ahead, a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, but it’s something you will have a lot of fun with. You might feel like what you’re doing is not enough or that you’re not good enough; but remember this:

“When at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

Designers dedicate their lives to making something good — some may say great — out of something that doesn’t exist yet. It takes bravery, passion for design and dedication.

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