10 Unexpected Ways Loot Gaming Can Make Your Life Better


Whether you’re a gamer or not, chances are you’ve heard about loot boxes. These virtual prizes for video games are in the news constantly, whether because of their potential addictiveness or the arguments about ethical gaming practices. However, there are many unexpected benefits to having loot boxes in video games. You will know why loot gaming april 2017 was famous.

In this article I will discuss 10 surprising ways that loot can make your life better:

1) The chance of winning

The chance of winning a valuable item gives you something to work toward in games where it would otherwise be too easy and boring to complete quests. For instance, in Dragon Nest there used to be a treasure chest in the top center of the map. If you were brave enough to go up there, you would get a magic item that conferred great power. The more times you went up there and put your life on the line for that item, the better chances you had of winning.

However, after I started investing money into loot boxes I noticed an even cooler thing about this chest: if it popped up during my 40th game for a given character class, it was guaranteed to be an amazing item. This gave me something exciting to work toward at the last minute; the satisfaction of finally being that lucky character who pulled out a good treasure chest on his or her first try. I even made it a special goal for each character class to get that chest on his or her 40th game as a reminder of how close that character was to becoming powerful and bragging rights for being the first one to win one.

2) More use for your hard-earned money

There is no question about it: loot boxes can be massively addicting. This can lead many gamers to spend their days dumping all of their money into these boxes in hopes of winning powerful items. However, there are two good things about this: 1) you will often find yourself with leftover money, and the loot in your boxes will save you much time and effort as you level.

3) More use for your time

In addition to the high chance that it will be a valuable item, you will also find yourself with a surplus of time as your character levels up. This is especially helpful if you work at a job where there are long periods of time between calls and important client work.

4) More use for your brain

You may have noticed that whenever I mention loot, I like to throw in some amount of skill. Sometimes referred to as the “3×3 rule”, this means that any item with stats like skill, luck, defense and intelligence has the potential to be 3x better than what you would normally get from an item of its type (for instance: skill does not stack with skill).

This is a good thing in two ways. Firstly, it means that the items you win are very likely to be on the edge of your character’s skill level. Secondly, if you do manage to win an item with stats that are significantly better than what you would normally get, that item has the potential to be a game changer! An example of this would be Halo’s legendary sniper rifle “The Truth.” The Truth came with incredible damage and accuracy stats for its level. At level 24 for a Heavy weapons soldier, this would leave an average of 3 shots per second firing at full capacity from a distance of over 400 meters.

5) More use for your soul

The temporary boost of power that comes from winning an item is a good thing, but it is also addictive. The problem with this is that over time, the temporary boost of power will become less and less effective, leading to the frustration of losing a game because you were one shot away from beating your opponent. Also, you may find yourself following other players online to see what they have won and hope that they will give it to you as soon as they level up.

6) More use for your friends

That item you got out of a loot box? It won’t be there in the next loot box.  And, if you still have that item when your friend joins the game, you gain the opportunity to give them your hard-earned items, building a stronger bond.

7) More use for your real life

You’re tired of hearing about all these amazing loot box items.  What else can you do with these magical boxes?

The ideas are endless!  You can use them as decorations, scrapbooking materials, props and much more.

8) More use for Youtube

As a way to show off your loot, streamers can use these items as proof that they really have established impressive skills in their game.

9) More use for the environment

Loot box containers are made of plastic, which means that when you are done with them and can no longer fit them into your games, you can recycle them for the good of our planet.

10) And finally: more use for fun!

It can take a lot of fun out of a game to not be allowed to keep anything you find.  I’ve personally witnessed new players quitting awesome games like Minecraft and Terraria due to the fact that they could not keep anything they found or built.


Some people will argue that loot boxes are bad for gaming, but I think that it is important to consider the good things these boxes bring with them. As a gamer, it is important to protect your in-game investments by buying only from reputable retailers like Kinguin.net and to be aware of the laws within your country regarding in-game items.

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