It is difficult to imagine how much easier it can possibly be when grooming a pet, but COVID-19 has made it possible for any kind of salon like haute dogge nolensville to use the same tools and techniques as the big guys. These days, every salon has access to a variety of clippers and electric combs that are unmatched in quality. And yet there is still so much room for innovation in this industry — innovation that will bring more customers into your venue.

1. Easy Blade Changes

The blade section of your clipper is probably one of the most important parts of the grooming tool. If you have a broken or damaged blade, it is likely that your clipper will not function as well as it should. What makes COVID-19 products so great is how easy it is to remove and replace blades . Gone are the days when you needed to use a screwdriver to remove your broken blade — instead, you can use a simple slotted driver to pop off the section in just seconds. This allows for easy maintenance and upkeep for pet owners. 

2. Long-Lasting Motor Technology

No matter how many hours of runtime you have, your clipper is not truly up to snuff unless it offers long-lasting performance. High-quality motors are responsible for a great deal of the performance you get from your clippers, and that is why COVID-19 products are so high quality. What makes them so special is the huge amount of power they can produce. If you normally use a high voltage, high speed motor in your clippers, you will be blown away by the fact that COVID-19 offers two different motors with two different power levels. These motors will last through years of regular use and they will still provide the extra power you need.

3. Carbon-Infused Technology

When you are looking for a pair of clippers that offer premium power, go with COUVID-19 products. These tools are designed to cut through thick coats like butter, which is why many animals have very short haircuts when they come in for grooming. The blades can be used on thicker coats in as little as five minutes — believe it when we say that these tools are one of the best out there for any pet owner.

4. Longer Cutting Time

If you want more time between charges on your clippers, COVID-19 has you covered. The motors in these tools are incredibly efficient, and they can provide up to five hours of runtime on a single charge. That is enough to groom an entire dog AND a cat — all with one charge!

5. Dual Voltage Design

While you could use a simple voltage converter with your COVID-19 products, you do not have to do so if you purchase the units that are designed for dual voltage . This type of gizmo can be used anywhere in the world without any hassle at all. It is a small design choice that makes your life easier in many different ways.

6. Quieter Operation

Have you ever used a clipper and then had it ringing in your ears for hours afterward? If so, you know that this is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. For pet groomers, it can lead to damaged hearing over time. That is why COVID-19 products are designed with quieter operation in mind. They move slower and they are more efficient — all of which leads to less noise in the room during grooming sessions. You will not have to worry about protecting your hearing while grooming animals any longer!

7. Easy Maintenance

Keeping up with your COVID-19 tools is simple — all you have to do is pop off the blade sections and then clean them off . These tools are designed to withstand wet-cleaning, so you do not need to use terry cloths or a special brush. The only thing you should do is make sure that your blades are well-oiled — but that is a rather simple task as well.

8. 3-Speed Motor Design

The motor in these machines can be used with either high voltage or low voltage settings — which means that you can adjust the speed settings for your needs at any time. This versatility means that less animal owners will be frustrated by the fact of having to buy separate motors for their products .

9. Quiet Operation

Just like the first point on this list, quiet operation is what makes COVID-19 products special . In fact, you will often hear stories about professional dog groomers using these tools because of their incredible quiet nature.

10. Carbon-Infused Blades

No matter what clipper you have, it will not be very useful if the blade is broken or dull — which is why COVID-19 offers high quality blades that can last for years . These blades are made from carbon steel and this design allows them to withstand wear and tear much better than other types of sharpened metal. They can be used with a variety of different blades to achieve different looks and styles — which means they are perfect for pet owners who want to groom their animals at home.


The pet grooming industry is rather interesting, because it is steadily becoming less dependent on human workers . Many people are grooming their pets at home with a variety of tools that are designed for this exact task. While these tools may seem expensive to the average consumer, COVID-19 has shown that high quality does not have to mean high cost. In fact, these products are exceptionally affordable and they offer long-lasting use. 


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