Insurance is often seen as a last resort for financial stability and protection. However, insurance can help make the everyday easier. Which of the following statements best expresses the social justice view of public health?

Here are 10 ways that insurance can help you live happily.

1) Insurance can help lower your stress levels

Insurance acts as a safety net, which helps you decrease and alleviate everyday stress. 

Not only do homeowners and auto insurance help protect your property, they also help in times of emergency. Insurance helps a financial burden by providing stability in case of an emergency. Life insurance, for example, provides protection for loved ones and financial security for the family.

2) Insurance can help you save money

Insurance provides security, and security often leads to peace of mind. With peace of mind comes higher levels of happiness as you are able to live your life more freely. When you invest in insurance, the premiums you pay are used to build a cash value that can be used for anything. Life insurance serves as a savings mechanism, which can pay out current or future earnings to members of the policyholder’s family. 

3) Insurance can help you stay healthy

Insurance helps offer access to the best medical care, regardless of where you are. For example, through universal life insurance coverage, insurance can help pay for high-quality health insurance plans. Health insurance helps pay medical bills and provide coverage during a time when things take an unexpected turn due to illness or injury.

4) Insurance can protect your lifestyle

Home insurance protects your home from paying off a mortgage in the event of a fire or other catastrophe. Homeowner’s insurance helps protect a person’s home and assets in case of theft or damage. Auto insurance provides protection against bodily injury, medical costs, and property damage to others in the event of an accident. Home, auto and liability insurance provide financial protection against the loss of homes, cars or other valuables.

5) Insurance can help keep you organized

Long-term care insurance provides financial protection against the costs of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Life insurance and disability coverage can protect against a loss of income in case of injury or other circumstances. Renters and homeowners insurance provides financial protection for lost belongings in the case of a fire or flood. Disability income insurance provides replacement income for employees who are unable or do not want to work.

6) Insurance can help you finance things in life

Life insurance allows people to pay for the funeral and other expenses when a loved one passes away. Long-term care insurance helps pay for long-term costs of chronic illness, such as nursing home care. Whether it be a car, a college education or retirement planning, parents may use life insurance as a source of funds to finance various important aspects of life. 

7) Insurance can help in difficult situations

In the case of unexpected events such as loss of employment, life insurance can help provide financial security for the family. In case of an accident or something unexpected, disability insurance can help pay for bills and healthcare costs. Pension plans are used by employers to provide certain benefits for retirees with pensions and other benefits available through the company. 

8) Insurance can help you preserve your assets

Insurance companies help preserve assets through adequate financial protection and insurance solutions. Liabilities (losses) do not have to diminish an individual’s financial status. Liability insurance protects against the loss of income or assets in the event of injury or death. If a business owner neglects to purchase an umbrella policy, they may lose all of their financial assets when sued. 

9) Insurance can help you protect your family and friends

Life and disability insurance provide protection for family members and other loved ones. Endowment policies are designed to pay a benefit to a beneficiary after the death of the insured. Disability income insurance and long-term care insurance provide funds to people who are unable to work due to illness or injury. 

10) Insurance can help you save time

Owner’s and operator’s insurance ensures that the business can continue to operate with minimal interruption after a claim has been filed. Insurance is a means to an end, but it can also be used as a tool to maintain an ideal lifestyle. Saving for retirement can take a lifetime, but retirement plans such as pension plans provide monthly income for the period of employment in exchange for the employee’s contributions in a plan. 


It is important to have life insurance, disability income insurance and long-term care insurance in order to help your family and friends in case of illness or injury. 

These ten ways that insurance can help you live happily follow.

An analysis by the World Bank found that about a third of Americans say that they would not be able to make it through three months if they lost their jobs or could not find any additional employment. The study also found that across all age groups, those who lack sufficient savings when faced with a job loss are more likely to experience worse health outcomes, such as higher rates of depression and suicide attempts.

Insurance can provide financial stability while assisting with the process of finding alternative employment.


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