11 Methods Of LISETTE WALKTHROUGH Domination


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Do you want to dominate the world? Of course you do! The journey there cannot be easy, but with this guide we can make it much easier. In the following pages, we will cover 11 of the most basic and universal methods for conquering any system. These are tried and true strategies that have been used time and time again to gain power. And when combined together, it becomes a force much more difficult to resist. 

1. Maintain a tight grip on your power base.

Manipulate infighting to your advantage. Create conflict by manipulating different factions within the opposition. You will be able to exploit the natural decay and arguments between members, which can often lead to splintering of the enemy ranks. The trick is to keep them insular and weak, while moving closer and closer to the heart of their power base. Gain control of certain key locations such as homes, product manufacturers or even military bases. Grow in strength with each victory over weakened targets until you are at last able to overthrow the head or “corporate” leader altogether! After all, what is an effective leader without his subordinates? 

2. Corrupt others through bribery and coercion tactics.

Throw money and power at those who are easily corruptible. They will in turn become your pawns, and you will be able to rule over them with a loose, iron fist. Controlling their hearts and minds is key, so use bribes that they can’t resist: Money. Women. Alcohol. Cars. Pills. Whatever it takes! And never forget, even the most pure-of-heart can be corrupted, so never let your guard down when dealing with others..

3. Attack their weak points head on!

Identify the targets that are difficult or impossible to defend or repair. When you know your enemies are weak in a certain area, hit them there as hard as possible. By doing so, you will not only hurt them, but also prevent their ability to defend or repair from there on out. If the enemy has an army of soldiers numbering in the thousands, and none of the soldiers wear armor on their legs (much less heavy armor), then you should use this information to your advantage to plan a sneak attack on their weakest point!

4. Use brute force when necessary.

Sometimes using brute force is all that’s necessary for victory. One must always recognize when the risks outweigh the rewards, however. It’s important to balance between the two. If you push your luck too far, then you could suffer a huge loss at the other end. If you never push your luck, then you will never make any gains. Ultimately it is a matter of choice and circumstance, so choose how you want to play! 

5. Wield military influence over others for bribes or for your own personal gain.

There are many ways to wield military influence over others besides bringing down entire armies on their heads: Using puppets as fronts on both sides of a conflict is one example of this (take note Rival Uprising , my very first mod). Another tactic is to use a combination of bribery and coercion tactics as we’ve just discussed, for instance. You could also manipulate other factions within a system (e.g. Derelicte ) or use hired mercenaries or bandits as your own personal army.

6. Use fear tactics to control the people.

Overcome the natural fear of others with threats and bribes that they cannot resist! These threats can come in many forms, but they always have one thing in common: They are meant to convince others that you are more capable than them, and thereby gain their respect and submission in order to protect them from the real threat: YOU! 

7. Set up trusts to keep yourself safe from harm.

Create multiple fronts that shield you from attack. By dividing your assets over a larger number of fronts, and by doing so in different systems, you put several layers of security between yourself and the enemies that want to get to you! The more shields or “buckets” that there are between yourself and the enemy’s sword, the safer you will be overall. Don’t let your power base become centralized and easily taken down, or else any weakness could spell trouble for you in the future! 

8. Create powerful alliances with others.

It is not always enough to have strength in numbers.. but there is no denying that such an alliance can be beneficial to one’s power base. Alliances don’t come easy though. Power struggles can often occur, and it’s up to you to decide what the best course of action is for your own goals. The best alliances are those that benefit all parties involved, but even so.. it’s never a sure bet that the other parties will not betray you in the end. Use your best judgment!

9. Use loopholes and exceptions to your advantage.

There are always ways around problems, especially when you know where to look! By using loopholes and exceptions in a system, you can essentially “break” the system for as long as you’re able to do so.. but remember that this can often (but not always) backfire on you! 

10. Always have a backup plan.

This is crucial to keeping yourself safe and secure! Firmly entrenched yourself in a power base before acting out your other plans, so that there is no possibility that those plans will fail because of your own weak position. By having backup plans, you will be able to remain safe and secure no matter what happens in the long run.. but remember: Having too many backup plans can also backfire on you!

11. Use propaganda to sway public opinion over to your side.

By using propaganda tactics, you can effectively change the public opinion to your side. Such propaganda is often available in the form of radio stations, television channels and websites that provide only positive propaganda for your cause, while at the same time being able to “nudge” the public opinion away from your enemy.

Conclusion of this article:

I’ve gone over the main ways that you can use your power to become stronger, and I’ve discussed quite a few of them. I’ve even added a few of my own tactics in there that I have personally used in the past. I hope you enjoyed this article, and come back next time for more! Thank you very much for reading!

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