Writer’s block is an obstacle that can muddy the waters, water down the beauty of an idea with ford truck quotes for instagram or of your words. Without a doubt, it can be frustrating and may cause plenty of sleepless nights for wannabe writers. Even so, there are ways to combat this annoying battle and succeed in creating something that will turn heads.

Here are some tips worth trying out:

1. Put your worries on a shelf

Don’t let negative thoughts convince you that you can’t do it. Negative thoughts will inevitably cause your creativity to flag. You may think of every reason why you cannot or should not write, but eventually all your doubts and fears will vanish, leaving nothing but a blank page.

2. Start with something small

It’s not necessary to start from scratch, even if the idea is small. Maybe it’s just the outline of a story or character sketch for the first chapter in your novel, but this simple step will help you get started writing:

3. Write about what you know

Take inspiration from your own life, whether it’s a personal experience or just something that arouses your curiosity. If you’re writing a book on how to master the art of cooking, maybe you can include some of your own recipes. Write quickly and don’t stop for any reason. Keep going and do not worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation. You can always fix it later, anyway. The main thing is not to stop writing.

4. Do a little research

Take some time to learn about the subject at hand. If you’re writing a book on how to train dogs, maybe you can visit a dog training school and talk with the owners and trainers. It doesn’t only inspire you with more passion, but at the same time, it will give you plenty of ideas on what to include in your writing.

5. Set limits

Set a word count or page count goal for yourself. This way, you will know when to stop since there is nothing worse than working endlessly on something that doesn’t seem to end.

6. Have a little break

It’s not necessary to have a vacation during which you can’t think about anything but writing, but it’s good to seize the time for yourself and your family. If you’re writing a book on taking care of dogs, bear in mind that the characters need to be fed and watered, so give yourself time to do so.

7. Don’t compare your work with other writers’

You are going to find it difficult if your idea is too original from others or if it’s blasphemous compared to what others are already doing in the field of writing. The important thing is not to stop writing but to keep working.

8. Recharging

Go for a walk, visit the beach or just sit quietly in your room. You don’t need a lot of time, but it’s good to get a tiny bit of fresh air and change your perspective every once in a while. When one writer finds inspiration at the beach, others will find it in the mountains or on their rooftop with their feet resting on the chair.

9. Plan well

If you’re writing a book on how to take care of dogs, don’t let the story go anywhere without an ending. This can be done by planning what will happen next when you have reached your word count or page limit.

10. Remember: writing is a blessing and not a curse

Writing is a time-consuming activity that many people would like to avoid. However, if you write for the pure joy of it and for your own love of writing, you will seem to be doing a very good job. Some people think that their creativity is blocked. However, if you are a writer and your inspiration is about to run out, do not let it get you down. Instead, find new inspiration and keep writing. 

11. Write what you love

Whether it’s fantasy, romance or sci-fi, write a story that you love and want to read. Writing is fun and will be more fun if you enjoy what you’re doing, so never stop or give up because you love writing. If you’re writing a novel about a man who commits suicide, do not go on and on about his personal life. Keep the focus on the story and only write about his last few hours. Maybe he will have witnesses or friends who can testify to what happened to him in those moments. 

12. Always write with passion

Writing is not an easy task that anyone can perform. If you feel that something is not working and your inspiration has run out, it’s good to know that there are people out there who are more talented than you and who have already succeeded in writing their own books or articles.


By following the tips above, you may just manage to conquer the challenge of conquering this obstacle that prevents you from working on your writing habit consistently and persistently. The bottom line is to remember that a writer’s job is not always easy but remunerative.


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