Many people believe that Apple Computer’s Mac is a superior computer to its PC counterpart. They argue that the Mac runs faster than the PC and has better software due to the scarcity of software for PCs. 

Installing a program on a PC is as easy as going to the developer’s website, clicking “download”, and opening up the file. Installing a program on a Mac requires first downloading the software, then downloading an installer kit from Apple’s website, creating an account with Apple for accessing their store or sideloading apps from elsewhere, and finally opening up the downloaded app.

In other words? Installing programs on PCs is easier than installing programs on Macs. They’re about the same. Here at has many more reasons about why the PC beats the Mac.

There’s one thing Microsoft has done to make the lives of Windows fanboys a little more bearable: they’ve created an installer for Windows 7 and for 10 that does some pretty nifty things with your computer or laptop for Microsoft while you’re installing. According to TechRepublic, the program pre-installs stuff like Java and Flash and then post-installs stuff like Office and IE9 and trial versions of some games.

There are many reasons why this argument is incorrect and false, so we have put together these 13 reasons for you to review:

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Reason No.1

The Mac was made in 1984 while PCs were not created until 1975. The Mac was made before most modern day features existed on computers and because it had no competition, Apple was able to innovate new products without having any setbacks or having to upgrade older products with less powerful components because they knew they would always be more reliable than their competitors’ machines.

Reason No.2

Apple polished its constant use of a single USB port, which allows the Mac to be more reliable, faster and better than a PC. Its USB port is universal, meaning that it does not matter what brand of computer you are using, you can plug your devices into the same port. This is something that cannot be done with PC’s due to the fact that they use many, many more USB ports on their devices than there are devices available on the market.

Reason No.3

A consumer would have no issue paying $1500 on anything other than a Mac because it is so well built and designed to last longer than any computer on the market.

Reason No.4

Another reason the Mac is better than PC’s is its iOS. The iPhone was released in 2007 and sold over 1 million units within its first two days. PC’s only sold half that amount in their entire lifetime. That’s right, twice as many consumers opted for the phone over the computer during its first weekend on market.

Reason No.5

The wireless keyboard design of Apple makes typing much easier than PC keyboards because there are less keys on it therefore it is much simpler to use and therefore more reliable than other keyboards.

Reason No.6

Macs do not slow down like PCs do due to viruses and spyware which are abundant on PCs.

Reason No.7

Macs have a back button. That’s right, an actual button that can be pressed to go back to a previous page or point in time or something you accidentally closed.

Reason No.8

“The Mac Mini is here!” The Mac mini is the fastest growing product on the market today. People are raving about this little computer because of its incredible speeds and multitasking capabilities which are miles ahead of their PC rivals. It is the only computer on the market that can play Battlefield 4 online without any hiccups or problems. This speed is due to the fact that it only has one USB port, making it much more efficient than other devices running Windows 8.

Reason No.9

The Mac is also known for being “green”, it can run on solar power and has been built with recyclable materials.

Reason No.10

Crazy Mac vs. PC comparison ad: In this video it shows a Mac having a snowball fight against a PC, the Mac uses more precise shots and its snowball actually turns into an igloo while the PC’s snowball rolls off of the hill and gets blown away by the wind. 

The moral of this story is that you can be more precise and accurate with your work when using a Mac as opposed to PCs where precision is not as important or reliable.

Reason No.11

Macs are known for their incredible security due to the fact that they only use one USB port. Another USB port means that there are two chances of being hacked.

Reason No.12

The Mac also has the only operating system called “OSX” which stands for “Objective-C” which is a platform developed by Apple to use object oriented programming in their applications. The only other OS with this type of programming is Android, which is used by hundreds of millions of people across the world.

The Mac starts up almost instantly after being turned on, unlike PCs that require a few minutes of startup and load times.

Reason No.13

A Mac can be used without any media CD’s or DVD’s, unlike PCs where the user must always have at least one disc in their possession. This is because there is no CD drive on a Mac and it only has one USB port unlike PC’s that have many USB ports which can be used for many purposes such as external hard drives, flash drives and more.

Meta Description: Many people believe that Apple Computer’s Mac is a superior computer to its PC counterpart.Mac runs faster than the PC and has better software due to the scarcity of software for PCs.  Luckily, the post is here to give you some more reasons about why the PC beats the Mac.


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