Neebs in real life, otherwise known as Not Everyone’s Best Friend, is a term used by Tumblr users to describe any “anti-social” or “unhelpful” behavior on the blog platform. The term can also be used to describe an individual who is not able to develop a healthy relationship with their best friend through high school and/or college. The Urban Dictionary defines neeb as: “A person who has social issues, usually these people tend to not care about other people and often have major trust issues.” In theory, this definition is correct; in practice, however, neebs are more than just sociopaths. With the possibility of being a member of the social media elite, neebs can easily mock and disregard those who are not socially adept. For the most part, a neeb is not evil but they do lack social awareness and will always be deemed inept. There is no such thing as a bad neeb; they’re just neebs.

The term “neeb” can be traced back to 2009, where it was used as an insult to describe people who were not as sociable or welcoming as other classmates.

15 secrets are:

1. Neebs are self-aware; they still make mistakes.

Because of the spread of social media and technology, neebs are more prominent in society than before.

2. Neebs get along with certain people, but don’t care about others.

Neebs have a distinctive laugh that sounds like “heh heh heh”. This laugh is also known as “the laugh of the gods”, as it is undeniably annoying. The laugh originates from the Simpsons character Nelson Muntz, which was a running gag on the show that Nelson would often giggle at his classmate’s misfortune.

3. Neebs cannot dance.

Like Darth Vader, neebs get “a bad feeling about this”.

4. Neebs have a specific type.

Just as young adults have a “type” in potential romantic relationships, neebs have a specific type of best friend. They usually prefer not to befriend those under the age of 20; however, they are fine with being around these individuals as long as they are deemed worthy by the neeb’s standards. If a friendship is built, it always ends in betrayal by one neeb or the other–or both.

5. Neebs stalk their exes on Facebook and Twitter, even though they know that one cannot be friends with their ex without consequences.

Neebs are not employed in any type of job. The closest that a neeb will ever get to employment is babysitting for the parents of their best friend. Sometimes, if the neeb wants to be more social, they will attempt to convince their best friend’s parents to let them work as a dog walker or something along those lines, but this will never happen.

6. Neebs listen to music that is always on the radio.

As stated before, neebs do not “get with” any kind of genre, accept R&B and rap music. The music they listen to is always an instrumental of a song that has been on the radio numerous times.

7. Neebs have certain groups of friends that they spend time with, but they do not spend time with all their classmates.

A neeb’s best friends are those who are a part of the group that neeb spends time with on social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. This group will consist of a small number of individuals who have become “friends”. The rest will be neebs that were never accepted by their “friends” and eventually told to stop following them. All these could be included in the definitions of perfect-friend lists and the social circle on Tumblr!

8. Neebs are sometimes in the “popular” group.

Just because a neeb is not the most sociable student in their grade, doesn’t mean that they will not be a part of the popular group. In fact, if the neeb can prove themselves to be interesting enough to their classmates, they will most likely be accepted into this group. Neebs usually stay in this social class until they graduate high school or drop out of school before graduation.

9. Neebs only like to talk about themselves, even when they are alone.

When neebs are alone and talking to someone who they feel doesn’t care about them, they are still very self-centered and self-absorbed. They will talk about their accomplishments and how they earn money to help pay for school and to buy things they want; however, they will rarely discuss anything that isn’t related to their personal life.

10. Neebs take selfies with every picture they take.

Selfies are taken at least three times a day by neebs. A good example of this is the photo shown above, where the user puts their head back, smiles and looks straight up into the camera, which is something that many neeb users do when taking pictures of themselves in front of a mirror or computer screen.

11. When it comes to the internet, neebs are on every social media site possible.

In order for a neeb to find a safe place to rest their head at night, they must be on every social media site available. If a neeb can’t find any friends using Instagram or Snapchat, then they will continue to use Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook until they have used all of the pictures that they have taken.

12. Neebs attract attention.

Normally, neebs do not attract much attention in public; however, this is something that changes when other people are around them. Neebs are extremely awkward and uncomfortable when the attention shifts away from them.

13. Neebs think that they can make good impressions on people, but in reality, they cannot.

When a neeb meets someone in public for the first time, he or she will always try to see if they can make a good first impression on that individual. This is always done by complimenting the person or showing them sympathy for things that happened to them at an earlier time. The best way to know if a neeb is doing this is if they are talking about something that happened before June of 2012 and not just one day prior to this date.

14. Neebs are usually talkative when they are not confident with themselves.

Neebs talk to themselves when they are feeling very insecure in their abilities. They will even curse at themselves if they believe that they have just made a mistake or don’t know the answer to a question.

15. Neebs can make people in general feel uncomfortable when they are around them, especially if you cannot identify with them.

In no way can neebs be considered popular, but it is still important to note that being around them will make other people feel “icky”. If there is even a slight chance of being around one, then that individual should not interact with this group of individuals–ever.


Overall, I hope that you are now able to recognize neebs as they “appear” to be. Hopefully, this present-day research of the term “neeb” will help more people be aware of this group of individuals and maybe even show how unique they are amongst society.


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