Vanoss Gaming knowledge is a company that has been around since 2013 and they are the creators of many games, including Fallout Shelter which is one of the most popular mobile games.

But how did they get their start? What made them want to create gaming apps? Can you really call these experiences “entertainment”? You bet! We’ve prepared a list with 20 Vanoss Gaming facts that might make you change your mind about these companies. 

Take a read through them and learn something new today!

1. VanossGaming is an American company that deals mostly with the production of gaming videos. Their motto is “We love to laugh and so will you”.

2. The owners said in an interview that they started to create gaming apps because they were bored with their 9 to 5 jobs where they worked during the whole day. They wanted something more exciting and challenging, something they could enjoy and share with their families.

3. It’s safe to say that VanossGaming has no age limits because we’ve seen Vanoss play games together with his son who is 10 years old. And they both have the same level of passion and enthusiasm when it comes to gaming.

4. It all started in 2013 when VanossGaming started to upload videos on YouTube and they made their first video titled “Feeling Nostalgic” with an intro that was a song from Skyrim. This was the first step towards becoming one of the most popular gaming companies in the world.

5. It is known that Vanoss started playing games when he was just a toddler and he used to play games like Contra with his dad, who’s also a big fan of games today, although he is not as famous as VanossGaming.

6. It is also known that the gaming company VanossGaming was founded in 2013, when a gamer called Adam (who’s the owner of many gaming companies today) uploaded one video on YouTube. It contained a song that he used as an intro and this is quite funny because he and his son use the same music for their videos.

7. Another funny thing is that Adam’s son, also called Adam and who is 10 years old, sometimes comes on his dad’s channel and makes special videos with his laugh included in them. And if you’re wondering what games they play together – then it includes games such as: Goats Simulator GoatZ and Five Nights At Freddy’s .

8. It is known that VanossGaming has created more than 500 videos on YouTube and people say that they are mostly played by gaming fans and also include a lot of fanart. But you might be surprised, because it is said that their videos were watched for over 4 billion times and are the 4th most watched channel in the world today!

9. The number one game on VanossGaming is Grand Theft Auto V . And this is not because the game was released in 2013 so this was the first game that was played by VanossGaming for his fanbase to see what he can do, but also because of its popularity and how you can take your own decisions during gameplay.

10. The VanossGaming channel has millions of fans who follow Adam and his daily life on YouTube and also includes gameplay with his friends. These fanbases can be found on other social media websites such as: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook .

11. The most famous person in VanossGaming’s videos is a user called Ninja , who is one of the biggest YouTubers today. He loves to play games with VanossGaming where he’s streaming his gameplay for people to see how he takes action in certain situations or how he interacts with other players inside the game.

12. VanossGaming is a company that has been around since 2013 and they are the creators of many games, including Fallout Shelter which is one of the most popular mobile games.

13. It is known that Vanoss’ plans for 2018 on his gaming channels include daily live streams, more fanart and more new exciting games to play such as: ” Kingdom Hearts III “, “The Last Of Us Part II” and ” Kingdom Hearts III “.

14. His current gaming channel on YouTube has over 18 million subscribers and his videos have been watched millions of times! What can you say about VanossGaming company?

15. You can follow Adam, Vanoss and their gaming channels on all social media sites including: Twitter , Facebook, Instagram and YouTube .

16. It is known that VanossGaming is currently producing high quality content for all video games so watch out for new games that might become popular in 2018 such as: “Fallout Shelter” which is a mobile game and not much of it has been seen yet but you can expect to see more of that because the game has received a lot of attention since the developers released an update.

17. One big part of VanossGaming’s channel is ” GamerMentors “, which consists of two people – Adam and his son Adam who shows players how to move their character on different games. They are very popular and it is known that they have over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of views on their videos.

18. VanossGaming’s channel also includes live games played by himself or people in his company. This is interesting because they can be seen playing games such as “Minecraft ” and many other popular games today such as: CS:GO, Goat Simulator, Slender or Roblox .

19. One example of a popular game that we mentioned earlier consists of the game Minecraft where he plays together with his son Adam in a team to build something big. This is where they incorporate the game into a movie, which is also very popular among gamers.

20. The most recent game played by Adam on VanossGaming includes the game called ” Life Is Strange 2 ” , which was released on September 27, 2018. Although it is a very popular and interesting game – you may know not much about it because there’s still not much said about it. If you want to learn more, then we suggest checking out the trailer:


We hope you’ve had a great time learning about this popular gaming company and their most famous gamer! We appreciate you taking the time to read all these facts and want you to keep in mind that this is only a fraction of the information that can be said about VanossGaming because we left out all the boring technical details. But if you liked this article and enjoyed reading it, then share it with your friends and leave a like if you’re interested in more updates on gaming companies! If there are any new games coming out or you see some updates that we didn’t include in this article – comment below so we can add it.


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