You need to prioritize the health and safety of your employees. In many industries, that means that you need to buy safety gear.

But how do you know that you’re making the best choices while you’re shopping? How can you avoid wasting money on sub-standard gear?

We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all about buying safety gear.

1. Know Your Needs

First, make sure that you’re aware of everything that your employees are going to need when it comes to their various types of safety gear. Not all businesses have the same safety requirements. Firefighters, construction workers, fishermen, law enforcement professionals, and others all need different types of PPE on their safety gear checklist. 

Are you going to need a source for fire-resistant clothing? Do you need reflective gear for people who are working in poor light conditions? What about safety helmets?

Get an accurate number of how many of each item you’re going to need, and then order extra. It’s always better to have too many safety items than not enough. It’s always possible for items to get damaged in transit, so having extras will keep your employees safe.

2. Read Reviews

Once you have your list of required safety items, start browsing the web for distributors and shops. There are plenty of online stores that sell safety gear for your employees, but they’re not all equal.

Always read reviews for individual shops and specific items before you make your purchases. You can’t afford to buy poorly-reviewed items when it comes to your employees’ safety.

While you read through reviews, make sure that they’re relevant to your situation. Not all reviews are helpful.

If one safety gear provider has great reviews for one type of item and another provider has better reviews for a different item, don’t be afraid to shop from multiple sites.

3. Compare Prices

So what’s your safety gear budget?

While you can’t cut corners when it comes to safety, there’s nothing wrong with price shopping before you make your decision. Many businesses go through safety equipment quickly, so your quantity matters as much as your quality. 

Check each safety gear provider and see what they have to offer. Some distributors offer special bulk prices for businesses with many employees, so don’t be afraid to ask.

4. Consider Delivery Times

Delivery times matter for your safety equipment. Check the advertised delivery times of each distributor to make sure that they work for your needs.

Even after you check the advertised times, it’s helpful to go back to customer reviews to see whether or not people have experienced late deliveries with this distributor. 

If you plan far enough ahead, delivery times aren’t as large of a concern. 

Buying Safety Gear Is Crucial

You can’t make any mistakes when you’re buying safety gear if you want to protect your employees (and your budget). Remember: read reviews, check delivery times, remember your budget, and always start with an accurate checklist. It’s time to stock up!

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