The world of advertisement is a tough place like the lodge who did skye pick.

Unsuspecting consumers are continuously bombarded with misleading, overpriced garbage that is just around the corner and so easy to find. Information companies could be playing you like a fool, your grocery store could be giving out free coupons while charging you more for food (don’t buy), and even sometimes your search engine may steer you towards deceitful websites that are actually fronts for fraud!

It’s time to stop letting advertising trick you into becoming another victim of the game and start taking back control of your life! The following article will outline five brutal truths about advertisement. Don’t let these tidbits ruin what little time you have left to live in peace.

1. The advertisers are always trying to sell you something.

Whether it is a product of the month club or a slot machine, the main point of any advertisement is to get you to buy their product. In the case of an advertisement for a lottery, the most important item being sold is hope. The ad will tell you that if you buy their thing then you will be able to win millions of dollars, or at least get an awesome car. Whether it’s true or not, such statements always appeal directly to our feelings and emotions rather than our brains. 

Didn’t I just say that?

2. They will say things that aren’t true to get you to buy.

If you believe everything you read, you probably think that you can get rich off of a slot machine and that your cat will be in a magazine. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get rich but be sure that it is not because of an advertisement. Advertisers can’t be trusted because they may say or show things in their advertisements that aren’t true. For example, an ad for a miracle diet pill may show someone who lost fifty pounds in two weeks, but never tells you about the side effects.

“Buy this product, and you too can lose fifty pounds in just two weeks.”

3. The product is not even necessarily advertised.

Oftentimes, the item being advertised is not even important to the advertisement. When you come to return a product or complain about how it broke, the store clerk may ask you what you were told about the product in a commercial. A lot of products are sold today through some sort of advertisement, but that doesn’t mean the product was advertised at all. Maybe it’s a member of the opposite sex writing an advertisement for a new car on her boyfriend’s car because she likes him, or maybe it’s the store assistant who doesn’t want to work another day in his life, only to be constantly harassed by customers. The point is that even if you can see an ad for something, there’s no guarantee that it actually exists or has been manufactured in any quantity.

4. The advertisers pay us to look at their advertisements.

This means that all of the advertisements on this site are getting free advertising by you! This is exactly the same as a person who is shouting things out to an empty street and then paying the people who live there to listen. The biggest difference is that they don’t have any actual thing they’re trying to sell, and you’re not actually getting paid (I think). I’m pretty sure I’m earning money from my ad revenue, but it’s not that much so I won’t be quitting my job anytime soon.

Advertisers really want to get you to buy their products, so they are willing to spend a lot of money for your eyeballs. However, if you don’t have the money to buy the product, then they have to come up with a different way of getting you to pay for it. This is where advertising plays a huge role in society today.

5. They are paid by secret sponsors.

The advertisements you see on billboards at the side of the road or in magazines are not actually paid for by companies who make the products advertised. Instead, they are paid for by a secret sponsor of sorts, which secretly pays the companies that make the products you see on billboards and in magazines. The advertisers will never tell you their names, but they are secretly being paid by companies that want to remain hidden. One of the big one’s is the US government, who wants to stay in power and so spend billions of dollars on weapons. However, they also want you to go out and buy their stuff because then they will make more money. We are being played by these secret sponsors who want our money, but we don’t even know why.


Advertisers don’t have to speak the truth because they are trying to get you to buy their products. They are paid by secret sponsors, who are desperate for you to buy their stuff. Remember these five brutal truths about advertisement, so that next time you find yourself looking at something in an advertisement or being talked into buying something, you’ll know that it’s all some big manipulation game!


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