Most people assume their follower count on Instagram is the ultimate measure of success. Although the number of followers is essential and an IG growth service from SimplyGram can help you grow your audience quickly, you can’t overlook the significance of your Instagram’s engagement rate. The engagement rate includes likes, comments, shares, saves, and mentions. A higher engagement rate means your social media marketing strategy is working well, and your content is more visible on the feeds of other users which can ultimately help you get popular on this platform as well.

Therefore, this article will provide you with 5 Instagram engagement tips to help you succeed as a content creator or a business. Read below!

Instagram Engagement Tip #1: Post at the “Right” Time

Finding the optimal time to post on Instagram can seem like a mission impossible, as every other source on the internet provides you with different timings.

Hence, you should see what works best for You. For this, you will have to go through some trials and errors. Your Instagram Analytics will give you deep insights into when your audience is more active.

This way, you can evaluate the best time to post, and you can schedule your posts ahead of time using various tools to prevent your audience from missing your awesome content.  

Instagram Engagement Tip #2: Respond to Your Followers

What can be worse than seeing Instagram accounts that have the potential to do great but they don’t seem to reply to any comments on their posts? This is a major turn-off for current and potential followers.

Your audience can leave comments like “what are you wearing”, “when are you launching a new product”, or “I need a refund”. It literally takes a few seconds to reply to them.

This will give the potential followers a positive perception of you and will motivate them to leave a comment on your post too. Hence, you should take some time out to reply to DMs and comments consistently where to buy instagram followers.   

Instagram Engagement Tip #3: Curate Entertaining Reels

In video content, Instagram Reels tend to perform the best as all kinds of pages are given an equal chance to be on the explore page and higher engagement can make your content more discoverable.

You should create and post quick, fun reels on Instagram on your account to allow people to interact with your content. It can be anything from a tutorial and behind-the-scenes to get-ready and unboxing videos.  

Instagram Engagement Tip #4: Hold Contests and Giveaways

Another amazing tip to help you elevate your engagement rate is to hold giveaways. Many brands and even influencers use this technique to encourage comments, shares, and likes on their posts and help them grow their accounts.

You can ask your audience to follow you, tag 3 friends in the comment section, or like your post. Whatever the rules you set to enter the giveaway, make sure the reward is relevant to your niche.

Instagram Engagement Tip #5: Add Clear Call to Actions

If you put almost no effort into your Instagram posts, you can’t expect users to engage. Among many other things, one is adding a call to action. They give your audience a direction as to what they have to do next.

You can ask your followers to like your post if they agree with you. Moreover, adding call-to-actions like “share your thoughts in the comments” or “what kind of content/products you want to see next” will also encourage them to leave a comment on your post.


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