5 Reasons Why Customized Balloon and Flower Bouquets Impress Better


Undoubtedly, a bouquet of pure flower combinations hardly fails to impress. However, a wittier and awe-inspiring way to gift your special someone is by adding the icing on the cake with custom-message balloons. Especially so, balloons and flowers that match up perfectly or give out aesthetic patterns that meet the eyes with grace take the day and take you out of the ordinary. Here’s why customized balloon and flower bouquets awe your loved ones better.

1. You Can Customize Your Message in a Subtly Impressive Way

You can customize your gift to fit any occasion or perhaps, express emotion boldly in the way of writing. That helps break the monotony of expressive appeal that flowers alone offer since your loved ones can read your intention out loud. For customized balloon and flower gifts in Singapore, please visit https://www.floristique.sg/collections/balloons-flowers and specially mesmerize your special someone. You also get special suggestions from your florist, including smiley templates, name curations, and color designs and patterns that will surely leave an impression.

 2. They Make You Come Across Literally

It’s never too serious when it comes to gifting a friend or a special someone with a beautiful flower bouquet. So perhaps, a customized hot air balloon and flower bouquet will alleviate the mood pretty effortlessly. It makes you come out more casual and fun-loving and maybe, a bit stylish and ornate. That way, it’s easy for your special someone to picture your message with your smile attached to the gift more than overly focused on the message you want to pass through. 

3. They’re Long-Lasting

Of course, your flowers might be irresistible to nature and could wither pretty fast in days. However, your gift will leave behind a solid reminder of the gift you gave to your special someone. Most hot air balloons comprise rubber or latex, which is long-lasting and can withstand the degrading forces of nature. So when the flowers give in, your recipient will still have something for a show in a long time coming if they can at least take good care of them.

4. It’s Out of the Ordinary

You don’t want to stick by flowers alone every day since that’s highly monotonous. So, balloon and flower combinations can offer something for a change. Conventionally, most people run for flower bouquets to express their emotions or pass across a message, but adding personalized balloons will sure impress your recipients.

5. Are a Perfect Souvenir

With a balloon and flower combo, you’re sure to leave a lasting mark on your expressive emotion for a long time coming. Essentially, your recipient will be left with a message to cherish if printed on the hot air balloon and although that won’t last forever and a day, at least the memories won’t face any time soon. 


A balloon and flower combo present the perfect, awe-inspiring gift for your loved ones. Besides, they’re more expressive and last longer, making them incredibly impressive. Better yet, tagging them along with a customized, heartfelt message will sure leave them feeling loved and cherished.

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