5 Secrets About Shanka First Law That Has Never Been Revealed


They say that history always repeats itself, and this mantra is especially true when it comes to the Shanka. Throughout their legendary cycle of destruction and rebirth, they have displayed a never-ending thirst for blood with an insatiable desire for destruction. Killing has become second nature to these creatures and even in times of peace, their favorite pastime is murder. But just what drives them to perpetrate such atrocities? What are the Shanka first law after? Why do they need so much bloodshed?

Luckily for us, there are several ways of approaching this question from multiple angles. For instance, we have found evidence that points to the idea that they are searching for meaning in death.

5 Secrets About Shanka First Law That Has Never Been Revealed :

1. Death is their purpose

Taking a look at the Shanka themselves, we can see that they are in a constant state of decay. Their skin is rotting and covered in sores. Their minds are poisoned by madness and the only things on their mind are killing, destruction and most importantly – death. They have been around for thousands of years and have committed countless atrocities during that time, but what drives them to perform such actions? What do they gain from it? It would appear that death itself is their true goal. 

2. Death is their purpose, but life is too

To understand the Shanka’s drive towards death, we must first look at their relationship with life. As part of the Harbingers of Death, it’s clear that they have a deep desire to consume the life force of others. They walk around with sharpened teeth and claws as if they had been born to kill. They live for death as if it were their only purpose in life. Like all beings, Shanka is born with a small window of time where they can experience life before dying and being devoured by a vengeful god-like entity who seeks to destroy all creation. 

3. Death is their purpose, but so is death

It’s not just about life for the Shanka – it’s death too. They have encountered what appears to be a great power in the form of a mighty god who seeks to annihilate all life from existence itself. The reason we call this being by many names – The Destroyer, Death, The Emperor and many others – is because he has many names and he has been known to change them at will. For instance, he has been known as Death, The Emperor and so on because he seeks to destroy the world. This being is only known to the Shanka as the Great Maker – a god that seeks to kill anything that lives before consuming it.

The Shanka know this entity as Anaris – an ancient and powerful being who fought in the great conflict between Law and Chaos. Anaris didn’t appear interested in either side of that war, but instead sought to gain knowledge through all things that live, regardless of whether they were good or evil. He didn’t fight for either parties because he was set on his own path- one where death and destruction have always been important aspects. Anaris appears to be a being of pure energy – an omnipotent god capable of doing anything he pleases.

The Great Maker is no different. He appears to be a manifestation of Anaris’ will, as if he is but a part of this being’s personality. After the Second Battle of Schwarzhelm, the Shanka tried to summon him from their dimension, but he never appeared. It’s possible that Anaris is so powerful that even his god-like doppelganger requires time to manifest in the mortal realm, or perhaps the Shanka simply weren’t worthy enough for him yet.

4. Death is their purpose and they are free

After thousands of years of bloodshed and torment, the Shanka have found a way to escape their curse. Those who have devoted their lives to killing can now leave this life behind and enter the afterlife. The Shanka believe that once they die, they are going to pass on from this existence into another where they will be granted more power than they could ever imagine. They believe that death isn’t something to be feared at all – it is freedom from a cursed existence which is only bound by pain, pain and more pain. It’s not exactly surprising why the Shanka treasure death above all else.

Shanka never really had a choice in life anyway. They were bound to a dark destiny that only meant pain and suffering for those around them. They were already doomed before they could even speak and because of this, they must perhaps leave the world when their time has come.

5. Death is their purpose, but they need to kill

We’ve already established that the Shanka have an unquenchable thirst for death – as if it’s a drug which offers them new strength and power. But what happens if one day, they can’t find any more ways to die? If Death disappears from Shanka’s reality, then what happens? Does it mean that their entire existence will be forfeit too? It would appear so.

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