5 Types of Group Fitness Certifications

Group Fitness

As the fitness industry has evolved, so has the certification system. Those who have demonstrated they possess a certain level of knowledge are certified. Group fitness instructors, like personal trainers, are required to be certified as no two professions are alike. In some cases, they might require different certifications altogether.

Certifications in group fitness have been a hot topic for quite some time. However, with the amount of new group exercise classes popping up and the enthusiasm surrounding them, everyone wants a piece of the pie!

Continue reading this post to find out the Top 5 types of group fitness certifications.

1. Zumba Certification

You would not be wrong for thinking that a Zumba certification is something that you can get in an afternoon. It does not require a lot of time and effort. You will just have to enroll in a one-day Zumba class after which you are certified to teach these fun dance workouts anywhere.

The Zumba Certification Program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an instructor for Zumba classes. The program comes with different levels: bronze, silver, gold and master. 

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2. Yoga Certification

Yoga certification is the surest way to becoming a yoga teacher. The next step towards achieving this goal is deciding where to find certification. There are two main types of certification programs: general and specialized. As part of the process, students will also be required to complete a teaching demonstration. 

These courses go into much greater depth than the general courses do, covering everything from proper alignment to sequencing classes that include both hot and non-hot poses.

Some places provide 200 hours of yoga teacher training that you can take to give you a legit yoga certification. There are a lot of places that you can go to, like Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Spain and many more. Also, choose a beautiful place for your training. For instance, you can do the yoga training beside the sea so that while having training and learning, you can also relax and enjoy.

3. HIIT Class Instructor Certification

The HIIT class instructor certification is the first step to a successful career as a fitness professional. The HIIT certification is designed to be taken by those who want to pursue a career in high-intensity interval training as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, boot camp instructor or other similar positions. Taught by industry experts, this course covers all the important aspects of working with clients in a high-intensity interval training environment. 

4. Boxing Certification

Boxing is one of the most popular types of fitness training in gyms around the country. It’s great for toning the muscles and burning calories, and it’s easy to do almost anywhere. Boxing instructors are required to have a certain level of experience in order to pass on their knowledge to their students.

A boxing certification is a great way for someone who wants to make money teaching boxing classes or providing boxing training for individuals or groups. Personal training certifications are required before someone can teach or train others. 

5. Cycling Certification

There are many different types of cycling certifications available to you, ranging from recreational to professional. A certification will help to build your resume as a cyclist, and it can also open the door for career opportunities in the industry. You can choose whether or not you want to become certified depending on your level of interest and experience.

Bottom Line

Consider the certifications you have acquired to please potential employers, handle your day-to-day job, or further your knowledge. In addition, it’s essential to make yourself more valuable as a fitness professional by taking continuing education classes and workshops. This is also a great way to utilize your skills and learn new ones. To be more efficient in being a professional trainer, you can use a workout tracking software which will make things convenient for you and your clients. The software allows you to communicate with them, track their progress, build workout plans, and create and send invoices through it.

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