You know how hard it is to find a good farm name? Especially when in a farming mode that has you wanting to try out some new names. 

This article will help you brainstorm some great hip, catchy good farm names  that are sure to please the masses.

There’s no more confusion over what your farm should be called now! You’re ready for the next season of growth and success with these 50+ best and catchy farm names ideas for Stardew valley.

1. Animal Farm – 

This one is obvious for all of you. You’re a farmer afterall! The farm name will be Animal Farm and it will be the inspiration for your farm. 

My suggestion though is to also shorten this to just Farm with a capital A, similar to how Animal Crossing has done. You don’t want an animal farm, you want a farm.

2. Farm Fresh & Soil Good –

 If there’s one thing that Stardew Valley has taught us, it’s that good vegetables and soil are vital to the growth of your harvest! 

This is where the name “Farm Fresh” comes in handy as you’ll be farming with these two key elements in mind at all times.

3. Stardew Valley Farm –

This option will definitely appeal to the most people as it reminds your potential customers that Stardew Valley was the first game in which you got to farm!

 There are many different versions of this name, but I recommend StardewValleyFarm instead as it has a better ring to it.

 I hope to see this one go viral and be used by many game developers in years to come! So pick a similar alternative like this.

4. Discovery Farm –

If you’re looking for a more creative name idea then I recommend “Discovery Farm”. 

This one is a great one because it will be hard for people to forget your farm as it also alerts them to the fact that there will be multiple discoveries on your farm.

5. Farm, Incorporated –

This might sound corny, but if you’re planning on making some serious money and you want to take the business of farming seriously then naming your farm “Farm, Inc.” is a great idea. 

The fact that this one is so clever makes it very memorable too, so you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. So start incorporating! 

I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve got nothing to show for it yet! That’s what I get for working alone.

6. Farm Mania –

Getting to the point of this farm name is “Farm Mania”. This one is not to be missed! This is a very clever play on words and will be sure to sell your farm fast. Look at me, I named my farm “Farm”.

7. Mr T Farm –

Mr T Farm sounds like a name that will be very popular in the community. Also, it’s pretty clever as well so you can’t go wrong here, plus you can always shorten it to Mr T Farm if you want something just a little more catchy.

8. Farm Buddies –

This is great as it will make you a part of the community. 

You’ll be able to call in some favors and help out the other farmers in the area, which will definitely pay off in the long run. 

Plus, “Farm Buddies” sounds like an online game with a lot of perks!

9. Stardew Valley Harvest –

Here’s another one that’s very catchy and farm-related. It has absolutely nothing to do with Stardew Valley but would definitely be one of your most popular choices.

10. Home Farming –

This one is for all of you guys and girls that are planning on making it big. 

This farm name is perfect for you because it will remind you of how you’re trying to start your family outside the world of video games! Get your ass in gear, it’s finally time to harvest some real crops.

11. Emerald Valley & Ruby Valley –

These ones are great, but I prefer Emerald Valley due to the fact that most people will associate a green and lush crop field with emeralds.

 So if you have a Ruby Valley in your farm, it will definitely stand out a lot more. Who knows, you may even be rewarded for having these two distinct sections of your farm!

12. Love & Taps –

This name is great as it’s only 8 letters long and that means it won’t sound cluttered in your farm’s name.

 It’s also very memorable and everyone will think of their loved ones when listening to this name. It gets even better if you choose to shorten it to “Love and Taps” so that your potential customers can remember the full song title at any point (or just the original lyric: “Love & Taps”.) This one is a definite winner!


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