8 Best Practices for Remote Workers in the Modern Lifestyle


Remote workers are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. In today’s day and age it is easier than ever to work remotely from wherever you happen to be. For many, remote work is a dream job, with the benefits being plentiful. With that said, there are some best practices for remote workers and try pixel 3xl mercedes amg that can make all the difference in the world when working from home or on the road.

If you’re thinking of becoming a remote worker or are already working remotely, here are some best practices I would recommend:

1. Take the Home Office to Go with You Everywhere

Aaannnddd…. You’re done. Actually no, there is much more to it than that unfortunately. There’s this thing called “reality” which seems to have some sort of annoying influence on our lives at times. For example, what if you have meetings? What if people are coming by your house for any reason? What about winter weather? What about technology breaking down? It’s true that the ideal home office provides a great workspace, but not everything is ideal and we have to work with reality from time to time. Heck, even in the ideal home office I can’t always get a cup of coffee, run to the bathroom, water my plants and take a shower without missing something. While it’s nice to have the flexibility of working remotely, you have to be careful when traveling as some hotels don’t have any wireless access or disconnect your internet access.

2. Complete a Remote Work Audit

This is just a survey online that will ask you questions. If you’re interested in working remotely, it’s always best to get a head start on what your home office setup needs to be. You can either give this all to your team or get them involved, either way it’s all about the process of finding out what you need and then making sure that’s available when you’re away from home. Some questions I would recommend:

(1) Where are you going for work?

(2) Do you need access to network printers/scanners/copiers?

(3) Do you need access to any cloud services?

3. Create a Remote Work Folder

This is something to put all your remote work documents in case you need them when absent from your home office. Note that I don’t recommend putting all of your remote work documents in the same place as this will make it tough to find them when you’re away from home. Note that I don’t recommend putting all of your remote work documents in the same place as this will make it tough to find them when you’re away from home.

4. Have a Backup Plan

If you’re away from home, things go wrong with your home office network. If you have a backup plan set up, this will help you get back to work sooner. If you don’t have a backup plan set up and something goes wrong with your home office network, it could take you much longer to get back to work. With that said, have something ready in case of emergencies. Here’s some examples of backup plans:

(1) Have a laptop/tablet on hand outside the home office – This is handy so that if something goes wrong halfway through the day at least you can still work from your other personal devices and finish off your day. 

(2) Have a D-LINK DIR-655 Wireless N300 Home Router Ready – You can even go as far as to buy a second router to have on hand just in case your main one breaks.

5. Create a Work Schedule (If Possible)

This is something you can do if you’re not so strict with your deadlines, but I would recommend creating a working schedule anyways! This will help you get back into the swing of things when working remotely and give you something to look forward to. You could try working out the weekends, or maybe stick to weekdays at first and see how it goes?

6. Look into Team Collaboration Tools

One of the benefits of working remotely is the ability to work with other people, but tools like Google Docs are great for collaborating. This way you can make sure that everyone sees the same document and more. If you’re not going to have a team on-hand, then Working Pigeon is an excellent free app that will allow you to collaborate with others regardless of their location! Note that one drawback to Google Docs is that it’s not always possible to share your document with another person online and some companies require that you use software like InVision for collaboration.

7. Learn about Productivity Tools

Productivity tools are great for helping you stay on top of things when working remotely.

(1) Google Calendar: This is one of the best tools out there and can be used to keep track of your work schedule and important dates to help you stay on top of your tasks.

(2) Todoist: This is another great tool. It’s a task management tool that works with both Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. The best thing about this app is that it syncs between both platforms! It also allows you to share tasks with others (if you have a team).

(3) Simplenote / Evernote / Dropbox / Email G-Drive: There are many different productivity tools out there, but these are my favorite ones at the moment.

8. Don’t Forget Data Minimization

When working remotely, data takes a long time to transfer across the internet and you can end up losing hours of work. This is especially true for large projects so make sure you have small tasks assigned to different people so that you don’t lose large files or lost hours of work.

Conclusion of the article:

There you have it, a complete guide to making your home office as productive as possible. While this article was quite long, I hope you found it helpful! One of the best ways to learn new things is by reading so if you didn’t find anything you wanted to know about, I’d recommend reading over the whole article and then coming back here to add more stuff in.

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