I hope you’ve made the most of those holiday savings like micheal lewis marketing suite and are in the process of putting them to good use! There’s nothing that makes a small fortune feel so nice as using it to start a small business. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 8 DIY marketing tips that may have slipped your mind.

1. Delete your Facebook page – 

You’ll never know who left their number or email on there and worse yet, someone may have seen an old post and commented on it. Use this opportunity to find out what people think about your company now that you’re gone (or be grateful for gaining some insight into how they used their personal time). 

2. Use the right hashtags – 

People are very reluctant to click on a post that doesn’t have the proper hashtag (#). They think that you don’t care about your brand because they aren’t following you or they forgot to put in a hashtag before the end of 2016. Having the right hashtags is crucial for getting your business out there. On Instagram, include strong hashtags in your bio, wherever possible.

3. Try Twitter Ads – 

Just like with Facebook ads, advertising with Twitter will help you get your business out there and not paying for marketing isn’t an option anymore (it’s actually more affordable than ever!). If you have a company that people don’t follow you to start following, Twitter may be a good avenue for you.

4. Create a Facebook event – 

A Facebook event enables you to create a custom notification that reminds people of your upcoming event, whether it is cooking classes, yoga classes at the local community center or a business meeting. The simple act of reminding people to show up makes them feel more connected to your company. Doing this will make it look like you’re having an event at your company even if it’s nothing to do with your business. People will know when you open up shop and will come to see if there are any deals on the books! 

5. Visit forums – 

This is where people go to talk about anything and everything. The best part is that they don’t know you’re coming. Visit forums that may be relevant to your business and make a few posts in the early days of opening your company. If there are any forums where people discuss business strategy or entrepreneurship, make sure that your name is mentioned every once in a while! You’ll have the opportunity to see what people think of what you’re doing and ensure that they believe in the direction of the company. 

6. Create a Facebook group – 

People have a tendency to be scared of Facebook groups because they don’t know what will happen or who entered it. If you create a group for your business, people will think that you’re reputable. This will work the same if you have any partners or employees. Having a Facebook group will allow you to connect with your audience and allow them to connect with each other. It gives you the opportunity to give feedback, see what people are saying, and stay connected with your fans. You’ll be able to discover new customers and help build your fan base!

7. Use local hashtags – 

If you’re in the business of selling food or local goods, people want to act locally. This allows them to feel like they’re a part of something and that’s what customers want! Use your local hashtag and make sure that it’s relevant to your location. If you’re trying to get local business, try using local hashtags (#) that are related to your product or service. You’ll be able to get the word out about what you’re doing while giving people on the other side of town an opportunity to learn more about what you have going on (you might find a new customer!). 

8. Run ads on Instagram – 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – the list goes on and on. With the increase in popularity of social media platforms the opportunities are endless (and popular) for marketing your small business. This one is a little bit more challenging so it may not be the best choice for your business (unless you’re good at making ads that generate thousands of dollars per day). If you’re going to do an ad, remember to make sure it’s something that suits your brand and click where people can follow you.


It’s time to get out there and find new customers! Hopefully, these eight tips will help you. Remember that marketing is essential for a small business to succeed, so make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward with each of your posts.


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