There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to people’s personal health, but perhaps one of the most worrisome is the damage that an unhealthy climate can do like driving when tired, sick, or medicated causes? In addition to hot days, frequent and severe storms and flooding, droughts and wildfires can transform into death-defying events for both animals and humans.

That said, there are ways for concerned individuals to be proactive about their own health in order for them (and their loved ones) to stay safe—the 8 Warning Signs Of Your CLIMATE Demise include too much pollen being released into the air as well as an infestation of allergenic plants by such pests as swarming bees.

1. Various Animals Disappearing

Another thing that is noted in regards to an unhealthy climate is the fact that certain kinds of animals seem to be disappearing from a certain region. For instance, if you notice that there are no longer any butterflies, bumblebees and birds visiting your garden, then this could be a sign that the climate is not right for them. Pollen allergies are also something to seriously consider.

2. Pollinating Plants Disappearing

Many pollinating plants tend to disappear when the environment becomes too dry and hot, although it should be noted that they don’t always have to completely disappear but they do become more scarce. For instance, if a certain region that once had a lot of goldenrod and dandelions suddenly only has one or two in the same space, then this is a reason to be worried.

3. Mosquitoes Spreading Fast

Another sign of an unhealthy climate is the fact that more and more mosquitos are sprouting up in a certain area. Perhaps even more worrying than the fact that they are spreading is the idea that they may be carrying certain diseases with them—the Zika virus being one example of a virus carried by mosquitoes and an example as to why it’s important to keep an eye out for such pests.

4. Bees Becoming Intense

The fact that there are so many bees swarming around an area can be a sign of such things as an unhealthy climate. Also, the fact that they are swarming around in an intense manner instead of just flying by can mean that they’re looking for a new home—one that has the nutrients and flowers to sustain them.

5. Measurable Amounts Of Mold Forming

Another sign of an unhealthy climate is the sudden appearance of mold in your home, along with any other kinds of indoor allergens. For example, the excessive amount of indoor mold formed because of high humidity can cause a lot of common diseases to arise in individuals, such as the flu and compromised immune systems.

6. Ignorance About The Environment

The fact that you have no idea about the environment (be it what’s going on with the temperature or the humidity) that you’re living in can cause a lot of health problems for yourself and other people. Another sign that your environment could be unhealthy is the fact that you have yet to learn about what causes it and how you can prevent it from occurring. In addition to being aware of what causes an unhealthy climate, there are steps that you can take in order to prevent it from happening again.

7. Increased AM Airwaves

There is one more aspect of an unhealthy climate that can be witnessed by individuals, and that is the fact that they are able to feel airwaves more acutely as opposed to before—this can happen when several factors have caused the environment to become more unhealthy. In addition to the presence of certain harmful changes in weather patterns, a great indicator of an unhealthy climate is the fact that there are more and more broadcasts being aired on the radio. For instance, there are going to be a lot of warnings about hurricanes, heavy rains and floods that can be felt by everyone.

8. Decreased Mention Of Climate Alarm In The Media

Lastly, one thing that should indicate that your climate could be unhealthy is the fact that it is not mentioned as often in the news as it was before in order to warn about an upcoming event. For instance, if all of a sudden other kinds of news stories start to be frequent but there are no warnings about a hurricane or flood, then this could be considered as a sign that your climate could be unhealthy.


It’s important that individuals are aware of the 8 Warning Signs Of Your CLIMATE Demise so they can be aware of what is going on around them and how they can protect themselves from their surroundings. In addition, it’s important that individuals be proactive with their health in order to stay as healthy as possible—this includes staying out of the sun between the hours of 10am and 4pm, wearing sunscreen, washing regularly, not smoking and drinking lots of water each day as well as using air purifiers to help clean the air throughout their homes.


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