A Deep Dive Into Aura 150m Series.

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What is the Aura 150m Series?

The Aura 150m series is a new project from the Safal Group that aims to provide an affordable housing solution for India. The project includes a floating community of houses that will be constructed on a barge, which will then be anchored in shallow water where the residents of each house can have full access to the canals and waterways around them. 

Each house will have a well-designed interior, with large windows and high ceilings. The homes also ensure that all residents enjoy access to nature with views of Indian rivers that connect families from across the country. Aura 150m is yet another innovative method for India to innovate housing within their cityscapes.

Why Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing is a dire need in today’s market as it provides an opportunity for citizens of India to attain their own home without worrying about the financial implications of doing so. This will lessen the burden on other aspects of life, such as their education and career, because they won’t need to spend so much money on housing. This will also help Indian citizens who suffer from slum poverty (around 80M people).

Aura 150m Series:A Native Solution to a Global Need

The world is facing an affordable housing crisis such as India, and many other nations are trying to innovate and create new solutions that will be cost-effective and help as many citizens as possible. The floating home community by the Safal group was just one of the innovative ways to do so. Housing is a human right, which means that everyone should have a place to call their own.

The Problem with Affordable Housing in India:

There are numerous issues when it comes to affordable housing in India, including the lack of government support for private developers (red tape etc. ) and the lack of engaging urban policies to ensure that people have a place to live. The only way to solve this issue is through innovation in the form of new products, such as the floating community of houses by the Safal Group.

What Makes it an Innovative Solution to Affordable Housing?

The Aura 150m series is a unique project because it has solved a problem that has been plaguing India for years, which is affordable housing. As previously mentioned, their solution is unique because they are creating floating communities that will be anchored in shallow water where residents can enjoy canals and waterways around them. The company has also solved the issue of red tape by developing a series of waterways throughout the construction of these communities. This will help the project gain access to the Indian government faster than others would.

How to Access it?

Anyone can access this affordable housing solution because it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in India. Housing is an important aspect of life and everyone deserves a place they can call their own, so why should only some people have that place? They’re also hoping that when they build each community, they’ll be able to resolve other housing issues throughout India.

The Problem of Slums in India:

Many of today’s Indian residents are living in slums, which poses an issue for the government because they don’t have a proper sewage system or lighting. It also means that these people have elevated health problems such as pollution and lack of access to clean drinking water. A solution like this would bring in much needed jobs, at-grade infrastructure, and job opportunities for them. In the future, there will be new jobs created due to the ia smarter cities initiative that the government has created to improve housing standards in India.


The advantages about this affordable housing solution is that the government can provide jobs to people in slums, allowing them to have a place where they can live. This will also help with water and sewage infrastructure issues for badly-warded areas throughout India.


This affordable housing solution is only accessible by Indian Citizens because of the lack of international support from the government. That makes it hard for international citizens to have access to this solution, which could be an issue in the future. This can also be a problem if they don’t get their necessary approvals from the government, rendering these residents without homes on land they’ve paid for.


Aura 150m Series:Who is the developer of the project?

The developer of this project is the Safal Group. They are a group of real estate developers who are committed to providing affordable yet high-quality housing to people across India. Although this is their first project, they have a successful track record and are hoping that their vision comes to life soon. 

Their Number One Goal with this project:

Their number one goal is to provide a much-needed solution to the Indian government in regards to affordable housing. They hope that they’ll be able to change the way people think about affordable housing, which is that it’s not really an option. 

How will they achieve it? 

They plan on achieving this through their proactive approach towards government subsidies and incentives, as well as their innovative solution of using waterways throughout construction. They believe that the country will be better off in the long run if they implement this solution.

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