What is Lebron James Bdh?

Lebron James Bdh is one of the most common and unique basketball moves in the game today. This post will focus on how Lebron James uses his arm swing to create space for a clean look at the basket, as well as show an example of how this move looks during game play. It will also examine what happens to defenders when they don’t rotate properly. ##

Deflecting the pass:

The first major part of the Bdh happens just prior to the ball being tossed in by the defender. The defender will attempt to delay the ball from getting to Lebron at all costs. They will attempt to deflect, trap or block any passes that may be aimed for Lebron James, and try to force a turnover or take away a quick shot attempt. Also, defenders are taught not to leave their feet until they have a good idea of who is about to release it.


This is the first and most important part of the Bdh. It can be used at any time during game play, and is typically used after certain passing situations have taken place. For example, if there has been a pass to the corner for a three point shot, or in the post for a lay up, Lebron will typically use his Bdh to open up a window to take what is usually considered “a bad (bad shot) attempt”.


The defender must always be aware of Lebron’s ability to use his Bdh to create space. This is one of the main tools that Lebron has used over the years to create his own shot and to set up open shots for teammates.

Lebron James Bdh:

As you can see from the above video, Lebron James goes into his stance with his arms swinging out in front of him. What does this mean? It means that he is allowing himself optimal spacing for a clean look at the basket, as well as other defenders. In this situation, the Golden State Warrior defenders did not rotate properly, and this allowed Lebron to get an open lay up and help bring his team back into the game.

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Easy to perform.

Allows a shooter the ability to get open looks when defenders allow space.

Stronger team chemistry and improved play.

Team enjoys higher scores, while opponents are affected by inferior defense.

No one likes to be on the bad end of a boat race.

You feel good when your team is winning.

All your friends, family and colleagues are impressed with your knowledge of the game and genuine love for basketball.

You are able to brag about what a great time you had at the game and how much you know about it.

#you have a better chance of winning at any basketball pool or fantasy bracket that you participate in.

Avoiding:  Slow rotation defense creates a lane for Lebron James Bdh.*

Moving without the basketball prior to passing is dangerous when attempted near multiple defenders.


Your spouse or significant other may become envious of your new hobby.

Your time will be divided between the game, postgame breakdown and practice sessions.

The family pet may not receive much attention during your weekend basketball league games, depending on the length of the season and number of games played in a day.

Isolation is generally frowned upon as a passing approach near the basket because it leaves your teammates under-utilized and vulnerable to at least two defenders.

If you attempt to use this technique without adequate practice, you may find yourself highly disappointed with the outcome at far too many key moments in your game.

Is it worth it?

How would you feel if you scored 25 points, had 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals during your game but it looked like your team didn’t win because the entire team and all but one player on the opposition keyed on you? That’s a terrible feeling, unless you have a good answer. If that is the feeling that you get from playing the game, then this would probably be something that a lot of people would not want to try out. Also, what about if you cannot even get an offensive rebound for your team? What if they pass right by your head as you reach up for it? It may just not be worth trying at all.

How would you feel if you scored 25 points, had 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals during your game and your team won by a lot while the opposition’s only points were on free throws? Then you would be feeling great. You probably would be called a hero by the fans of the team. Other teams may start to worry whether they can even win at all when they see that someone has already proven to them that they can stop them in their tracks. Anyone who is good enough to do this on a consistent basis is someone to admire and respect because they are able to play their game while still doing everything else they can do as well.


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