A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Faha Clothing.

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What is faha clothing?

Faha clothing is a clothing company that specializes in children’s backpacks. Every article of clothing carries a heart logo and the motto: “We love the happy child.” Our logo is a variation of the heart shape. We always use the same shape, with different colors to denote each article of clothing.

Faha has a heart motif because we focus on caring for children. We want to teach children how to be loving and respectful.  It is clothes that promote tolerance, respect and kindness towards everyone. Every adult must keep this in mind when they are dealing with their child, as well as when they are working with others – teachers, parents and peers. And of course our clothes express this message for us as well! As adults, we have no excuse for acting in a disrespectful way towards anyone else! Our clothes can be viewed by the world every day to remind us what we represent as a company and as individuals.

How did faha start?

The idea for faha was born when John and his wife Paula took their four-year-old son to school one morning. He was a very sweet child, but when they got home he became completely unresponsive. John had heard a lot about the J-A-Y school in California and decided to take his son out to see it. When they arrived, he saw children running around doing all kinds of activities and thought: “How can I easily recreate that scene for my son?”

John took his son to the school and asked for permission to watch the children play. But the teacher said: “You can’t watch our class.” So John asked if she could show him how to run a class instead. He took his son out to the playground and started playing around with the children. He asked some of them to come and play with him, taking turns with them.

In just a few minutes, the class had turned into a game. The teacher was impressed. She agreed to let John watch the class after all. This was the moment John realized that he could easily recreate this scene in his home for his son so that he could have fun like other children at school did every day! After seeing this vision come true, John pursued it and decided to make this vision a reality by creating faha.

What are the features of faha clothing?

The first feature of faha clothing is that our articles of clothing are made to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible. We want children to feel free and happy when wearing our clothes, not heavy or constrictive. They should never feel like they are restricted in any way!

The second feature is the quality of the materials used in our backpacks and other articles of clothing. Since we want to create the most natural environment for our little friends, we only use 100% child-friendly materials such as cotton, hemp and bamboo. Our children must not feel any restrictions in their environment, so we resist the temptation to use synthetic materials in our products. Synthetic materials have no place in the natural world and they do not at all make things more comfortable for our children!

The third feature is the quality of the design. We want our children to feel comfortable when wearing faha clothes, so our designs are very simple and child-friendly. Our company motto is “Clothes for happy children” but we also want to make sure that parents are happy about what we are offering as well! Due to this concern for making both parents and children happy, we think that putting a message behind every piece of clothing that can be seen by other people (i.e. the logo and motto) is the best way to promote our vision. 

When other parents have children who wear faha clothing, they will be able to look at the logo and colors of each article of clothing and wonder what they mean. This way it will become a conversation piece! If you know what the colors mean, you will feel obligated to explain them to others, whether they are young or old.

The fourth feature is that we consider our clothes as an entrance into a world of imagination. We want children to be in touch with their inner world through their clothes. We want them to have fun and be creative when they wear faha clothing. This is why we have a website with a section for our little friends, where they can share their ideas and make sure that everyone sees them!

But what makes faha clothes so special? 

Each piece of clothing has a heart logo on it. It is up to the parent or teacher or peer to decide what it means by talking about it with the person who is wearing the clothes. The parent or teacher or peer can choose whether he/she wants to share “I love you” with their child by explaining that the heart logo on their clothes is an example of love. The child wears the hearts on his clothes, so he loves his family, friends and teachers. Or if a person chooses to share “We love you” with a child, they will explain that we (as a community) are just like the parent who shows love to his or her child by wearing faha clothing.

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