You wake up naked, strapped down to a steel slab. A voice booms out over a loudspeaker: “Welcome to Epoch. In order to properly train you, we need complete access to your memories and decisions.” You remember nothing; the only thing you know is that you’re stuck here until they let you out.

This is iphone xs dayz epoch mod background, an enigmatic horror game set in 2035 with elements of science fiction. It’s been two years since the world lost close to everyone and all we have left are regenerated clones with no memory of our past life (or so we think).

1. Epoch is a hybrid of genres. 

The story is about a revived clone, who after 2 years of no memory, wakes up naked in an unknown location. After suffering at the hands of her captors, she sets out to find her identity and get out of this place before she dies. But what happens if you die in the game world? Are you revived back in your bed, or are you still here?

2. The world is suffering from global warming. 

Global warming has caused the earth to become a small ice ball. The climate has changed for the worst and no one knows why. The only people left are clones with no memory of their past life. It became an open air experiment, where people can be resurrected over and over again.

3. Weather is a quest system: 

Weather or climate is determined on what choices you make in the story such as your opinion towards a certain point in time based on your self identity. 

In Epoch, you play as a clone named Delilah who wakes up naked in an unknown place after 2 years of no memory after being revived by her captors (other clones). She goes on an adventure to find her identity, get out of this place alive, and to learn what really happened in the past. 

What can you do in Epoch? 

1) Consume: 

You consume by tasting, smelling, or looking at items. You can also consume by listening to music, watching various shows and movies, or experiencing the world’s atmosphere. What is the point of consuming all these? To gain knowledge about the world, for clues needed for quests. The puzzles that involve consuming is one of the core mechanics in Epoch. (A good coffee is like a mini quest that rewards you with knowledge. In Epoch, you can consume food or drink to learn new skills and information. )

2) Consume Memories: 

You can consume memories from other people to gain useful information in the game. 

You can also ‘consume’ memories from your allies by consuming their experiences in the game. This is a way for your allies to regain their memory about the past.

3) Create: 

Create is the main skill of Epoch, it allows you to create objects such as furniture for your room, tools, and weapons for fights. You can also create plants by using certain materials. You can create a garden or you can use it as a decoration.

To create, you must consume items and materials first. (For example: Forging iron using the anvil.)

4) Fight: 

Fighting is the main core of Epoch, you will fight against enemies to progress in the story. The enemies in this game are mostly drones and mutant animals. To fight, you consume certain items from your inventory to gain new skills such as melee attacks or ranged attacks. You can also learn new combat moves by consuming memories of other cloners in Epoch (who are now your allies).

5) Navigate: 

Navigation is used to navigate your way around the game world. You can navigate by using the sensors on your head, which will help you see in different light. (In addition, you can consume certain items found at different coordinates on each map depending on what point in time you are.)

6) Consume objects: 

Consuming objects are used to gain knowledge and experience about the past. The main function of consuming objects is to use it as a quest object or puzzle that features a memory of a person who died or was consumed.

7) Talk to other people: 

This is used for communication and interaction with other people. In this game, you can actually talk to other clones or cloners for valuable information. Each person has their own opinion about each topic, which you must listen carefully and decide if you want to agree or disagree with them.

8) Time Traveling: 

You can travel back in time by consuming the time traveling object (which will be explained in the next section). This allows you to go back in time by consuming a memory of a dead person that came from the future. The main purpose of traveling back in time is to change certain events that happened and alter choices here and there using information gathered from your past self.


The game is about a clone named Delilah who wakes up after 2 years of no memory and explores her new world, the time after global warming and what really happened in the past. In the game, you consume objects that trigger memories from other people’s past lives, which will help you come up with solutions to different puzzles in the game (like events or scenarios). The puzzles involving consumption are a core mechanic in this game. To consume objects, you need to be accepted by that person because they will ask you to consume their memories first (by consuming their object).

Everyone has their own opinion about every topic. You must listen carefully and decide what you want to do depending on your self identity.


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