What is ondispot photos?

Ondispot photos is an app from which you can capture images when all else fails. Ondisphoto has been launched by a company that also develops and markets a variety of consumer hardware, software and services for computer vision, augmented reality, as well as virtual and mixed reality technologies in the United States.

How does Ondispot work?

It takes a picture with the camera on your smartphone without any sound or vibration, if you want to include sound it will be stored separately on the cloud server.

As soon as you take an ondispot photo you get one minute to edit it before it expires and then uploads automatically to your account.

After this one-minute period, you can access your photos using a PC or an iPhone. Using Ondispot is foolproof and easy to use. As long as the device has an internet connection. When you want to take a photo ondispot photography app will be opened and the shutter will be activated automatically when you put it in the correct place to take a photo. The camera’s flash will also be turned off automatically to avoid glare when capturing. Ondisphoto was developed by Mixed Reality Lab in Boston. So far more than 3 million have used Ondispot worldwide according to information from August 2017 so it is probably more than that now.

What are the features?

Here are the features:

When you take a photo, the app will take it immediately. There is no delay between pressing the button and taking a picture. Ondispot allows you to capture photos even if your smartphone is mounted on a tripod or on a drone. Free. It’s free for now – except for $ 1 per month for the Pro version which includes voice recording and unlimited time for editing photos (30 days).

Ondisphoto works like magic in low light conditions as it does not rely on activated flashlight to provide illumination that can disturb or contaminate the subject being captured in the photo.

How is it used?

1. Take a photo. The app is on to capture a photo as soon as you put your device in the right place to take a picture. 

2. Edit photo is taken: During this time, you have one minute to edit the image before it expires and uploads automatically to your account on Ondispot cloud server. You can use the app’s editing tools or your own favorite editor from Apple’s Photos app, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Microsoft Expression software such as Office 365 and others.

3. Uploading photos: The uploaded photos are automatically stored in Ondisphoto cloud servers where you can access them from any connected device with an internet connection and any web browser (PCs, smartphones or tablets). Ondisphoto is a free app that doesn’t require any installation or registration.

Why should you use the Ondispot photography app?

It makes taking photos easier than ever with an easy to use and cleverly designed interface. No camera flash and no other accessories are needed as Ondisphoto works through the device’s camera’s built-in flash and phone microphone. The Studio version of Ondisphoto provides a wide range of capabilities including editing, sharing, exporting, creating albums and much more. If you are facing a situation where your smartphone is not able to take pictures and there is no other way to get them, consider using the official app for Ondispot photography by Mixed Reality Lab.

What are the advantages?

1. It is free 

2. You can take photos even if your smartphone is mounted on a tripod or on a drone.

3. There is no flash which may disturb or contaminate the subject being captured in the photo.

4. Editing photos after they were taken is easy and intuitive as it uses an excellent built-in editor (made by Apple) that allows to edit images in real-time as soon as they have been taken with Ondis Photography app, without needing a web browser or any other software to be installed on the device being used for taking the photo.

5. You can upload photos to the cloud instantly, and they will be stored in a highly secure server that is difficult to access.

6. Ondisphoto has a very good reputation (not only because it was launched by Apple itself, but also due to the fact that its developer decided not to implement ads and also made sure that there are no in-app purchases). It is considered among the best applications available today for taking ondispot photos.

7. It works on various devices including smartphones, tablets, PC’s and Macs.

8. If a photo has been taken and is ready to be uploaded to the Ondisphotography cloud server, and you lose internet connection during this time, the photo will be uploaded when you get back online and this happens quickly.

9. It allows everyone to edit photos without needing to install any other software on their device (aside from the built-in editor that allows for making quick edits).

10. The app’s interface is very appealing and easy to use so it doesn’t have complicated menus or buttons.


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