It is almost summer to plan that family vacation/ boy’s road trip. Packing is the most exciting part of these trips. Essentials like snacks, a six-pack beer, camping tent, summer clothes and sunglasses are undoubtedly the first set of things to get packed. The male demographic want to look sharp during their trips to take lots of photos for social media. Hence, they need to invest in top-quality men’s sunglasses that match every OOTD (Outfit of the day). There are numerous sunglasses styles available in the market today, making it more exciting for men to shop. 

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for a man, similar to a woman’s bracelet or earrings. If they are late for lunch with friends and have the most basic set of clothes to dress in, maybe due to undone laundry, styling it with a pair of cool shades will amp up the look instantly. In short, they are lazy people’s best friends. No effort is needed to look sharp; all they have to do is throw on some shades!

Why men must invest in a quality pair of sunglasses:

  • The harmful UV rays do not spare anybody. No matter how much sunscreen is applied, the rays harm the skin irrespective. Similarly, the UV rays can affect the eyes and damage them in the long run. Today, men’s sunglasses come with an anti-UV coating on the lens that reflects off the rays.
  • Sunglasses also help prevent early wrinkles and under-eye bags. Constant exposure to sunlight can damage sensitive skin by creating bags under the eyes as a sign of exhaustion due to prolonged exposure. These bags can also turn dark due to the harsh intensity of sunlight. Sunglasses will protect the eyes at all costs.
  • While working in an outdoor setting, it can be strenuous to look at the laptop due to the reflection of the sun’s light against the bright screen. Wearing appropriate shades will ease the strain on the pupils and allow the person to enjoy the heat by simultaneously being productive.

Tips finding the perfect pair of men’s sunglasses:

  • The shape of rims and lens colour: Sunglasses come in various funky and unique designs. The shade rim that houses the lens of the sunglasses can be square, rectangle, oval or even hexagon. These unique shapes and colours make for exciting accessories that can be paired with specific clothing. Rectangular and oval rims with the black lens are paired with slightly formal attire, while quirky rim shapes like a hexagon and cat-eye pair with brighter lens colours well with casual and hip clothing.
  • Frame material: The functionality and comfort of owning a great pair of men’s sunglasses is something to keep in mind. These factors can be satisfied if the frame is crafted from the right material suitable to the individual’s taste. Frame made from metal and is adjustable and corrosion-resistant. Moulded plastic glasses are fun to wear as they come in exciting colours. They are cheaper than metal frame sunglasses. Other materials like acetate and wood are also used to make customized sunglasses for people with unique tastes.
  • Choose according to face shape and size: Apart from choosing sunglasses as per outfit and material, face shape and size is also essential to consider. People who have round, triangle or heart shape faces can pull off rectangular glasses with finesse. Aviator sunglasses are shaped to fit all face shapes perfectly, hence the best option to give as gifts. Individuals with square faces are blessed since they can wear any shape of sunglasses. A round face can only look dashing in Rectangle, square and aviator glasses.


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