According to Aidan and the chapter, why are morning meetings more productive?

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It’s the best time of day. The sun is shining, you’ve just had breakfast, and it’s a new day with lots to do. Meetings in the morning are more productive because they kickstart your energy levels and set up the tone for what will happen during that workday. The ideas in the morning are fresher than those that come up during a meeting. You’re less likely to be distracted by your emails or phone notifications, and you have more energy because of all the fresh blood flowing through your body when you wake up. 

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Morning meetings start with the right mindset. They’re an opportunity to think about what you want your team’s focus to be that day, and for how long each person on the agenda should speak so they don’t talk too much or too little. You can also set a tone of inclusivity by highlighting specific people who are going to be at the meeting and inviting them up front when it starts.

It’s not just about productivity though – morning meetings create a sense of community among co-workers which is important because research shows employees who feel like they belong have higher levels of engagement and wellbeing. Morning meetings give everyone time to get out of their heads before work starts, reflect on past successes (or failures).


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