In this blog post, we will list 12 essentials for an engaging book club that will help you enjoy reading more and have a better time with your friends.

1) Create a set of guidelines for the group to follow (e.g., everyone needs to read the same book, one person picks each month).

2) Schedule a meeting once or twice per month, depending on how often you want to meet.

3) Set expectations by telling members what they can expect from the conversation (i.e., no spoilers).

4) Come prepared by having taken notes on the reading material (if possible), highlighting any passages that stood out as important or interesting, and bring copies of these notes with you at the meeting.

It is important to come prepared so that you have something interesting and insightful to contribute, but also stay on topic with the rest of the group. By coming prepared, you will be able to fully enjoy your time spent discussing a book without worrying about scrambling for topics or wondering how long it has been since someone spoke up (unless someone went very quickly).

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If you need help getting started with note-taking while reading independently, check out this blog post here: 12 Tips For Note Taking While Reading Independently . A great way people can get more involved in their communities as well as improve their analytical skills is by joining a book club! Find one nearby using’s search function.


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