According to Beccaria on Punishment: Reinforcing Good Behaviour, punishment should be imposed to reinforce good behaviour. He claims that it is not the fear of pain or death which causes people to avoid committing crimes but rather the offender’s knowledge that they will be caught and punished. In this blog post we will discuss 11 steps that can help increase your conversion rate and generate more revenue for your business.

disobedience, mother and son, boy @ Pixabay

Step One: The first step is to identify a need. What are people looking for that your product or service can solve? For example, if you sell shoes, then someone may be seeking footwear solutions for their needs. Other examples might include information on how to start a business in Canada and an explanation of what the term “employee-owned” means when it comes to investments like stocks and bonds.

You will want to create content about these topics so that they show up as search results with keywords related to the customer’s needs. This way they’ll find your website before anyone else does! These steps work for both online stores (eCommerce) and brick and mortar businesses alike.


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