In order to achieve self-realization, according to the Jungian theory of personality, there are a few things that need to be in place. This blog post will discuss these factors and provide examples of each one.

The first thing that needs to happen is for you to get in touch with your shadow side. The shadow side includes everything about yourself that you reject or feel ashamed of – this can include negative feelings such as anger or other emotions like sadness, fear, jealousy and more.

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Once you have explored all the parts of yourself that make up your “shadow,” it’s easy enough for you to work on overcoming those aspects by integrating them into your conscious mind so they don’t hold sway over you. You should also explore your anima and/or animus.

Jung said that the goal was to achieve a “wholeness of personality” so it’s important, in order to do this, for you to understand who these people are – they’re often identified as male or female archetypes (anima is the feminine archetype; animus is masculine).

The next step in achieving self-realization is to take on an attitude of surrendering yourself fully into something greater than yourself. This could be anything from a person with a higher status than you or even nature itself. You need not believe this thing knows what’s best for you; all that matters here is that when confronted by such powerful forces there will be no way for them.


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