Transcription is the process that converts genetic information in DNA into RNA. And so, it makes sense that the main protein involved in this process is called a RNA polymerase! The rna polymerase binds to one of the four bases on an mRNA molecule and uses it as a template for adding another complementary base to form two strands of new DNA. A DNA polymerase is a type of enzyme that replicates and repairs damaged or missing sections of DNA.

dna, helix, string @ Pixabay

It does this by unzipping the two strands of the double helix, locating where it needs to add new information from an RNA molecule as its template, then using each strand individually to form two copies of the original single-stranded piece. The rna polymerase binds to one base on an mRNA molecule at a time through hydrogen bonding in order for transcription to proceed. Once it attaches, it moves along with the ribosome until it reaches another free site on which it can bind again. Meanwhile, enzymes called helicases unwind parts of both strands so that they are available for replication when binding occurs; these


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