The Cell Theory is one of the most important concepts in biology. It was developed by a scientist named Theodor Schwann. It states that all living things are made up of cells, and it was first published in 1838. This theory has changed how we understand life on earth and taught us about many different processes going on inside our cells too! We learned that cells are the basic unit of life and without them, we could not survive. The Cell Theory has helped us understand how different things in our bodies work together to keep us alive. It’s been said by scientists that this theory is one of the most important discoveries ever made!

But what exactly does it mean? Definition: Cells are all parts of an organism such as plants, animals, fungi or protists ¬- they’re tiny microscopic structures found inside every living thing and come in many shapes and sizes for their specific jobs within each particular type of organism; like bone cells, which make up bones with a fibrous protein called collagen; or T lymphocyte (a white blood cell) fighting off infections within


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