Industrial policy has been successful in many countries across the world. Japan, China, South Korea and India are some of the countries that have had success with industrial policy.

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Today we’re going to talk about these four countries and what they did to achieve it! There are a lot of different things we can learn from these countries. China’s government has been very successful in boosting growth and increasing employment by investing heavily in infrastructure, especially the construction of roads and bridges that connect poor areas to richer ones. This investment then boosted private investments as more people were able to travel between places they weren’t able to before! India used industrial policy for many years under British colonialism but it wasn’t until 1947 when India gained independence that their first five-year plan was created which set up goals on how much steel production should reach or what percentage the population should be living at an above poverty line income level. They did not have any success with this goal because during this time period there were major disruptions throughout the


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