Humans and plants have a lot in common. They both need sunlight, water, and air to grow. When plants get enough of these three things, they produce fruit that we can eat. In the same way, when humans get enough food, water, shelter and clothing they are happy with their life.

The friar also points out the connection between humans and plants in that they both have souls. The soul of a plant is its power to reproduce by generating new organisms from seeds, spore or bulbs which are generated inside it. In contrast, when a human dies their body decomposes back into dirt so we can see our roots as one thing becomes another while having no consciousness.

flowers, twigs, dry @ Pixabay

In conclusion, while I am not sure if all living things do this there may be more differences than similarities, but I think most (if not all) agree that humans and plants share some physical properties: They need sunlight water air and food to grow; they need light for photosynthesis; they contain chlorophylls etc., which convert CO.


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