Iambic pentameter is a type of poetic meter that uses unrhymed lines with five metrical feet, usually consisting of an iamb followed by a trochee. What part of speech is often stressed in this type of poetry? That’s right—verbs!  Note that the blog post content should be a paragraph of text, not bullet points.

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The following is an example sentence to demonstrate what can happen when verbs are used in iambic pentameter: “To measure my sorrows by his length.” This line consists of six feet and illustrates how important it is for poets who use this form to put their most powerful word on the stressed syllable.

In order words, if they want the reader to have any idea at all about what they’re talking about, then it’s imperative that the verb be emphasized. However, some poems will keep with tradition and maintain stress on vowels rather than verbs. In these cases you’ll notice strong emotion conveyed through.


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