As an emergency medical technician, you are responsible for responding to a variety of different situations. You will be expected to handle everything from routine illnesses and injuries to cardiac arrest and other severe emergencies. The National EMS Scope of Practice Model outlines the 18 duties that an EMT should be able to perform in order to provide competent care.

This is a great list of the duties that an EMT should be able to perform. Check it out if you’re interested in becoming certified as one! 

Respond to emergencies

Provide CPR and AED intervention when needed

Perform Basic Life Support (BLS) procedures, such as oxygen administration, bleeding control using direct pressure or tourniquet application, immobilization by splinting injured extremities, etc., until more advanced emergency care providers arrive on scene.

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Transport patients while performing BLS interventions including other supplemental medical treatments necessary during transport (e.g.: IVs), monitoring vital signs en route for changes in status requiring additional treatment at hospital arrival – Handle patient transfers correctly.


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