What’s the best decision style?

According to normative decision theory, a group decision style should be used when: – The members of the group have different information based on their expertise.  It is important that all members are satisfied with the final outcome.  The consequences of the decision will affect each member differently. If your company has these criteria then you need to consider what type of decision process would work well for your team and organization.

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In this blog post we’ll cover two types of decisions styles: democratic voting and consensus building. The author discusses two different types of decision styles: democratic voting and consensus building. Democratic Voting is a group decision style where every member has the same chance to influence the final outcome by voicing their opinion, but there’s only one person who makes all the decisions.

The result of this type of process usually ends up being more diverse because each individual can make suggestions without restrictions on how many they are allowed to offer or when they’re able to do so. This works well for teams with low diversity in terms of experience level or knowledge, like those that work exclusively together day after day. If you think your team would be better off with an egalitarian approach then this is for you.


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