The soften model is a technique that helps you become more persuasive in your presentations by using nonverbal communication. This model focuses on the idea of being warm and friendly

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, which will help your audience to be receptive to your message. In order to successfully use this technique, there are several simple things you can do: 1) Smile 2) Be aware of eye contact 3) Mirror body language -Smile -Be aware of eye contact -Mirror body language (getting in rapport) -Touch sparingly, if at all. Touch is a big signal as to the type of relationship you have with someone and can be misinterpreted easily. It is also an invasion of personal space that should not happen without explicit consent from the other person or unless it’s part of a common greeting between two people who know each other well. If you are unsure about how much touch is appropriate for your situation ask your friends what they would do in this scenario before proceeding. A handshake or pat on the back might suffice instead of touching peoples hands/arms etc., but always remember to ask first! When shaking hands with


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