An Exclusive Sneak Peak at What’s Next for Nulife Fitness Schedule.

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What is a nulife fitness schedule?

Nulife fitness schedule is an app that provides a schedule of fitness classes across numerous categories. Here at Nulife, we believe in making fitness accessible to all types of people, in all places. So we’re announcing today that our app is coming soon to iOS and Android devices!

What are the benefits?

All you have to do is download our free app and it’s on your wrist! Our lock screen widget gives you instant access to your favorite classes so you just swipe left or right for a class time and then tap “GO” – no more scrolling through cumbersome schedules trying to find something enjoyable or inspiring. We also give you more control and flexibility by allowing you to set different classes for different days of the week. You can even create personal schedules with our login system – it’s actually fun! If a class is full, you can still sign up for a waiting list and we’ll notify you when there is room.

We’re working hard to bring this app to life as quickly as possible and we’d love your feedback in order to make nulife fitness schedule the answer to all of your fitness goals.

What are the benefits?

Download the free nulife schedule app today! You’ll have access to all of the classes on our platform, anywhere you are. Prepare for this to be a popular application. It will be very interesting to watch. I’m sure into the future there will be apps that do this for many different organizations and companies to keep their employees and customers engaged. This is definitely a step in that direction. We’ll soon know whether it works or not, but so far it looks like a winner from what I see in the early information presented about it.

What are the features?

A few features that we’re excited about:

– Guides for programming classes (classes and workouts are coming soon)

– Expanded calendar of community classes and gym related events

– User created classes, different from community created classes

– Option to view and create the schedules on a mobile device or computer

– Alternative ways to get notifications e.g. SMS, email, text messages, push notifications etc.

– Ability to view schedules and pay for classes on mobile devices or computers

– Receive push notifications of new classes

– Ability to schedule your own workouts on your own time (not shown in prototype)

We like to call these special features the “WOW factor”. Nulife’s WOW factor is all about getting you there. Our goal is to make sure you never miss a workout by notifying you when and where your class is. We also want to show off how beautiful and inspirational our platform can be. With our new layout, we hope that we’ll get 11 out of 10 people who try our app to keep coming back for more.

What are the advantages?

Nulife’s new layout is brighter, more colorful, and best of all – everything is arranged. Nulife’s new layout takes the best of what we have now and makes it easier for our users to find what they’re looking for. We plan on adding many more features that will make your experience even better. This includes:

Easier access to sign-ups for classes

Easier access to class history

Account management features for users that login via the app

Location services (not shown in prototype)

Push notifications and special offers

Classes on demand (not shown in prototype) What a great idea! Downloading this app will be like having a personal trainer.

Are there any disadvantages?

The biggest disadvantage is that this app would be really cool if it had GPS. But we are working on a solution to add GPS to our app. We hope that as soon as this is possible, we’ll get the feature into the application. You can also choose to log-in with a username and password instead of usernames and passwords, but this means you will have to remember all that information.

What’s next?

In the next phase of development, we’re going to build our coaching functionality where people will be able to interact with their coaches for more personal support by messaging them via their mobile device or computer. Also, there are some new app updates that we’re planning to include over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

How much did this cost?

This was a small project. We took our prototype and put it on Kickstarter in the hope of raising $10k to be able to bring this to Windows 7, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices for free. We ended up with over $22k raised from over 1400 backers. This is a huge win for us as it allowed us to purchase the necessary hardware that we needed at an affordable price and create something that we are truly proud of.

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