Trying to find a job? Here’s all you need to know in under 10 minutes.

In 2018, over 3 million people are seeking employment like craig sager hank aaron interview with only 1.8 million jobs available. The shortage of openings is leading companies to accept recruitment agencies, freelancers, and employees with work experience that can be attained through apprenticeships or online courses. In this competitive market of jobs, it’s important for jobseekers and employers alike that candidates have a good understanding of what they’re looking for – which includes knowing the basics about the company culture, both on-site and remote working situations and salary expectations before someone gets hired.

1. Training and Experience – 

A basic understanding of what is required of a position and an ideal candidate will help establish an acceptable salary range. The more experience a candidate has, the higher their potential salary.

2. Job Functions and Duties – 

Different companies have unique requirements for certain positions which can make one job different from another. By knowing what is required of the job, it’s possible to determine if you’re interested in being a part-time or full-time employee or if you want to work from home or a remote location.

3. Compensation – 

There are lots of online resources that compare the U.S. and Canadian salaries of different jobs. These resources provide an accurate listing of salaries based on location, hours worked and the number of years or experience gained in that field.

4. Company Culture – 

Working for a company that offers health insurance, retirement savings plans, flex-time and other benefits is preferable to a company that does not offer these items. Knowing if there are other perks like discounts on products or services provides another incentive for working at a particular company.

5. Interviews – 

The easiest way to discover what the company is looking for in a candidate is to ask. Just because you applied for an advertised job doesn’t mean that you are the only person being interviewed for it. Making sure to research the company before going to an interview is important as well as knowing what questions are acceptable to ask during the interview process.

6. Remote Working – 

Remote working refers to working for a company that is headquartered out of the country. There are many benefits that come with a remote work environment, such as long-term employment and working from home or from a remote location.

7. Return on Investment – 

A good way to determine if an employer’s salary expectations are reasonable or not is to determine what previous employees have earned at the company. This can be achieved by using online resources like PayScale and IndeedJobAdvisor, which provide a salary report based on publicly available job postings in both the U.S and Canada.

8. Job Titles – 

A great way to differentiate between similar jobs is by learning about the different job titles that are available. For example, a receptionist is not the same as a customer service representative or a call center agent. Knowing how to tell the difference can be challenging. Knowing what job titles are offered at the company is a great way to determine if it’s the right fit for you. A complete listing of job titles and descriptions can be found online at, which provides a list of job responsibilities and titles.

9. Progression – 

Also referred to as job advancement, new job titles or a promotion, knowing what career path you can take with the company is important. Oftentimes, a company will have specific guidelines for advancement in the company and it’s important to know the steps that are required by each position. Knowing how many weeks or months it takes to train individuals new to the company helps establish an idea on how long you will have to work, which means figuring out if you want your career to be short or long term with this company.

10. Online Reviews – 

There are many online resources that can show reviews and ratings of companies with good to bad comments. Social media is a great way to get unbiased opinions from current employees as well as past employees. This can be useful in determining if you want to work for a particular company or not. The last consideration to consider when determining if a company is a good fit is reading online reviews. These reviews will tell you what previous employees have to say about their experience with the company.


Making sure to go over the basics before applying for a job will save time and energy for both the company and candidate. When you know the company culture, compensation package and job description then you can make an educated decision about what position is best suited for you. Making sure to research the company, defining what is required and knowing salary expectations are the first steps when determining if a company is a good fit.


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