Many of us have smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices that are capable of playing video games, but most people just use these devices as a way to pass the time. We need to stop this mindset because there is an app for almost anything now and there are plenty of high-quality apps that can enhance your critical gaming. Arma 3 life critical gaming is one of the most popular games to play and there are plenty of players that love playing alone or with friends. 

Whether you are an avid gamer who is looking for a new challenge or just someone who wants to watch the game on TV or play online, I’ve compiled a list of five apps that will make your experience much more enjoyable. Before you start playing, you should connect to a VPN service. These apps will keep you secure and make sure that your identity remains anonymous, which is important if you are playing on a public server and don’t want to be attacked by real-life players.

Some of these apps will help you talk to other players who are in your game. Even if you prefer playing against the computer, there is plenty of discussion about the game online and it is usually a good place to go for tips and tricks from other players.

Apps You Didn’t Know That Can Enhance Your Critical Gaming :

1.  Team Speak

Team speak is a great app that allows you and your friends to communicate with each other over your smart devices, tablets and PC’s. It has a lot of settings that you can adjust, including creating roles for the different people who will be using the app. 

This means they can get specific settings that are unique to them, which makes it easy to know who is saying what when you’re all in the same game or just hanging out online. Team Speak also allows you to record sound either live or from an existing file so you can use it again if you want. 

2.  Discord

Discord is another app that can be used to facilitate voice communication for your critical gaming. It doesn’t have any real-time features, but it does allow people to join and leave rooms set up by the game or by a group of friends. You can also create chat channels within each room so you can have multiple conversations at the same time and switch between them when someone says something important. 

3.  Ingress Prime: Intel Map Live Wallpaper

Ingress Prime is a great game that is constantly being updated with new content, so there are plenty of places you can go where you will find unique items and portals. The Intel Map Live Wallpaper allows you to get a sneak peek of what the portals look like in real life. 

It uses your GPS location to show you nearby portals, which will help you plan your route so you can visit all of them. You can also see information about the portals and items that other players have created, which means it is a great way to learn about new places and find out where to find them.

4.  Google Maps

Google Maps is another great app that can help you plan where to go and, if you are playing in a multiplayer game, it will give you all of the information that you need to get there. You can see the green dot to know how far away your destination is and at what point in the game it will take place. If you are playing a single player game and want to take a screenshot or record video clips of yourself, Google Maps will let you do this as well. 

5.  Facebook

Facebook is a free app that allows you to chat with friends while playing games on your smartphone or tablet. There are plenty of ways to do this and they can help you find new games that you can play with friends, as well as get additional information about how a game works and what is happening in it. You can also use Facebook to connect with real-life friends, but if you are playing a multiplayer game it may be difficult for people to interact with each other outside of the game. 

6.  VDownloader

VDownloader is an app that allows you to download files onto your smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi or by using the Internet connection of your PC through the app itself. It is a great tool to use when you’re playing games on your PC and don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading the game and then getting it onto your device. It has a lot of features that make it powerful enough for you to use it for other types of files as well, so you can save them from websites or YouTube videos or even save them in a file format that is compatible with your device. 


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