Have you ever been to the movies? If so, have you also made a visit to Bollywood Filmcity? It’s that place where they show Hindi movies in English as per unit price of electricity in delhi. Have you ever tried to enter this place and were unable to do so because it seemed too overwhelming for you? Well, if this is true and the answer is yes, then this post might be what you need. We’ll be giving tips on how not to feel intimidated or scared of any situation for that matter. You can always make your way out of anything by just doing your best!

1. Have a great appearance.

This is the most crucial step that you should be doing. You have to look your best. Do not forget to wear your nice clothes and shoes. If you do not have that, then maybe it’s time for you to shop around or borrow some from somebody (maybe a friend). If you want to make a good first impression, then do your best with your appearance. This might seem like an obvious one, but it never hurts to be reminded of it anyway. Just put on something that makes you feel confident and decide at least three words that you’ll say as soon as you walk inside the door. If you have a problem talking to people, just remember that everyone else is in the same boat as you so what could possibly go wrong?

2. Remember to be polite.

Remember, you shouldn’t just go in there and speak rudely. Besides making people feel uncomfortable it could also offend them. Remember that these places are filled with different cultures and languages, so being polite will definitely help you a lot.

Just because Bollywood Filmcity has a language other than English doesn’t mean they’re trying to insult you or not give us the treatment we deserve. Don’t be rude by looking at them with an angry and dumb stare. Don’t make any strange noise or call any strangers names. This could ruin the whole experience for you.

3. Do your best not to be shy during your first visit.

If you’re shy during your first visit, then it’s going to be really hard for you to get used to Bollywood Filmcity. If you start off by going there without any problem, then it’s a lot easier for you to work on yourself and figure out what to do. This will only make you feel like a dork if you’re making silly mistakes. And if you’re already feeling dorky to begin with, then how can you imagine how ridiculous it would be to enter into a situation where no one understands what you say? You might be too embarrassed so avoid being shy altogether!

4. Make sure your friends are around you.

Once you see all of the movie posters and other Bollywood-related stuff, your mind will automatically switch into a daze so don’t worry about it. You should have a friend with you however because you’ll be feeling really shy and stupid by then. If this is your first time, then why not invite one close friend to come with you? Otherwise, just bring any other random people who speak English with you. Your friends will make sure that everything goes alright because they’re probably too shy to do it themselves as well. If no one’s around, just tell them that this is how shy everyone acts on their first visit to Bollywood Filmcity!

5. Don’t be afraid of speaking English.

This might seem like a no-brainer but you never know how much people can understand what you say when you’re shy. This is why it’s always easier to rely on the communication of your friends and try to speak as little as possible. Remember this, though. Have you ever gone to a place or event and ended up losing your voice completely? Don’t worry because this isn’t a reflection of your skills as an English speaker. Everyone in Bollywood Filmcity is also native English speakers that actually look way too cool to be understanding what you’re saying. You can just relax and have fun.

6. If you’re still unable to say anything, just start pointing at things. 

All you need is a little confidence and you’ll be just fine. Once you start, the rest will follow! You might need to make silly hand gestures, but that’s okay because everyone does it anyway. This is a good way to get the attention of someone without feeling too pressured or nervous. You can point at a random girl and ask her if she likes the movie poster you have your eyes set on as well. If she says yes, then that means you’ve made a friend!

These are some important tips you should follow if you’re interested in going to Bollywood Filmcity:

1. Look your best while doing so!

2. Don’t be too shy but don’t be outright rude either!

3. If you’re lost for words, it’s perfectly okay to just make noise and point!

4. Look out for Bollywood Filmcity! If you see it, then that means you’re in the right place.

Let’s get going and have a blast once we arrive at Bollywood Filmcity!


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