In academic writing, research is very important for students. If you are creating an assignment without proper research and ideation, then there is no way it is going to be accepted by your teachers. Most students copy their assignments from their classmates because they lack research skills and have no ideas about the resources available for them for academic writing or research. If you are interested in creating a professional assignment, we suggest reading this post. In this article, we have discussed the academic writing and research resources important for students.

Important resources that can help students write an assignment!

Thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of resources on the web that can help students in writing assignments. Some of the popular ones have been discussed here in this section.

  • Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a very important resource for students. This online plagiarism tool can help check your work for originality and duplication. A free plagiarism checker helps students ensure that their work is free of all kinds of plagiarism, which is very important when submitting assignments. Duplichecker has both free and paid versions so that you can use it without any load on your pocket as a student. Plagiarism detector is very important to use as they help you fight off duplication errors in your assignments!

  • Quizlet

This is a free and very important tool for students working on multiple assignments. You should know that this is a learning tool that provides plenty of flashcard reservoirs. You can use these cards to study different topics at different times. This tool helps you prepare well for the assignments that you have to submit on different deadlines.

  • Ever Note

This is another online resource that can help students in assignment writing. This tool is used for organizing work. This tool is a digital notebook that you can take notes, sync them on your devices, scan documents, and do many more things. This tool helps you take key points when you are in the research phase.

  • Grammar Checker – SmallSeoTools

Smallseotools is a very important resource that can help students check and improve the quality of the assignment before submission. Not all of us are expert writers, which is why it is important to have an online resource that can help us improve the quality of writing. With the help of an online grammar checker by smallseotools, you can easily check your assignments for spelling, grammar, clarity, engagement, and punctuation, and sentence structure issues. The tool can help you remove these errors and improve the quality of your writing!

Research Resources for students that can help in assignments 

Without research, there is no way that a student can create a high-quality assignment, so we would suggest you guys read about the important resources that we have listed below.

Your school library (for students who are weak in web search)

If you are not familiar with how the web works, you can always go to your school library and read different books and journals related to the topic of your assignment. You don’t have to spend anything to visit a library. Make sure you take a notepad to note down all the important points related to the topic of the assignment.

Use Google Scholar 

Google scholar is an important resource that can help students get details about the topics they have to work on. As the name tells us, Google scholar is the resource powered by the search engine itself. This tool has billions of web pages in its database related to different academic topics. You have to search your topic in the search field of the tool as your keyword and press the search button. The tool would get you immediate results relevant to your search query. Know that you should only use these resources for creativity and research work and not for rephrasing.

Microsoft academic

This is another popular resource for research and ideation. As the name of the resource tells us, it belongs and is powered by the company which provides you resources for writing, including MS Word, Excel, and even PPT. You must know that this is a very comprehensive research tool that should be in the digital pocket of every student.

Ref Seek

Reference seek is another cloud-based tool that can provide you with billions of web pages, encyclopedias, journals, and relevant books to your search query. This online tool is quite similar to Google in its work. Still, you must know that its results are more focused and academic. So it is considered to be one of the most famous platforms for creating assignments and research papers.

These are some popular resources that can help you research for assignment writing and find the best data that can make your work appealing and interesting for your teacher and other readers.


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