If you are trying to grow your own herbs, this is a must-read article. Read on to find out what the top 10 most common mistakes people make when growing herbs or buying from kratom seeds ebay in their garden and learn how to avoid these pitfalls!

The number of people interested in growing their own herbs continues to rise, with many turning up their nose at pricey produce in favor of homegrown. People have realized that it’s not just about the food that they get – it’s also about being able to watch every step of the process and see how it progresses from seedling to harvest.

Mistake #1: Not changing the soil when planting new herbs

The first mistake is to not realize that you will need to change the soil when planting new herbs. Many people grow their herbs in their vegetable patch, but this may well be an unsuitable location. While some vegetables like carrots, turnips and cabbages love a particular type of soil, others (such as chives) are best suited to another type of soil. The same goes for herbs – so make sure you check which type of soil your favorite herb will thrive in before choosing its location.

Mistake #2: Not giving your plants enough water 

Many people have the perfect soil, but then don’t water their plants enough. This can mean that your plants are becoming dehydrated, resulting in stunted growth and poor yields.

Mistake #3: Not checking the pH of your water

The correct pH level can be the difference between success and failure for any type of plant. When growing herbs there are several factors which you need to consider when choosing a location for your garden, one of them being the type of soil you need and how you’ll get it delivered to your home.

Mistake #4: Using too much commercial fertilizer

Many people over-fertilize their plants, using far too much of a commercial fertilizer. This can lead to burn and do more damage than good. The best way to avoid this problem is to start using organic fertilizers, which are safe and will yield great results. You need to ensure that you use a quality, natural fertilizer, instead of using a lot of commercial fertilizer. By using too much of this artificial fertilizer, you may well be doing more damage than good.

Mistake #5: Using too many pesticides

The use of pesticides can be harmful to your plants and almost certainly won’t mean that they’ll grow as well as they should. By using these chemicals, you may well be harming your plant and not getting the results that you had hoped for.

Mistake #6: Not waiting until seedlings are fully grown

While most herbs need to be a certain size before they can be harvested, others start growing as seedlings and then continue to grow as they mature. However, many people still take their plants out when they are older and bigger than they should be – resulting in poor yields and stunted growth.

Mistake #7: Not rotating plants

If you plant the same herb in the same space year after year, this can have a damaging effect on the soil. Many herbs need different pH levels and won’t grow well if grown in one place for too many years. As mentioned above, many herbs grow best when given a new space to spread their roots. However, some people will have numerous plants of one type of herb in the same area. This is a big mistake, as the same type of herb will tend to compete with one another for resources and growth.

Mistake #8: Not watering in dry weather

Many people are under the impression that they can water their herbs even when the soil feels completely dry. However, this is often not the case. By letting your herbs die of thirst – you’re damaging many of them and not giving them a chance to regenerate themselves after being harvested.

Mistake #9: Leaving your plants in the same place all year

Herbs like dill, parsley and chives normally flower and produce seed in spring, summer and fall. However, some herbs start growing once they’re outdoors and they won’t stop until they’re ready to harvest. While herbs can grow quite happily in a garden pot, they’re much happier if they’re allowed to spread out and continue to develop in new spaces. However, many people think that they need to maintain a certain area at all times.

Mistake #10: Not maintaining a compost heap

Many people think that they need to use chemicals like herbicides and pesticides if they want an herb garden. Let’s face it, these substances are never going to be healthy for you or the environment. However, you can counter this by creating your own compost heap for your leaves and flowers.


There’s no denying that growing your own herbs can be a lot of fun.

From being able to grow them indoors during the winter months in a sunny window, to planting herbs outside in the summertime and watching them grow, it’s an activity you’re never going to tire of!

If you are trying to grow your own herbs, this is a must-read article. Read on to find out what the top 10 most common mistakes people make when growing herbs in their garden and learn how to avoid these pitfalls!


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