Be careful who you call ugly in middle school ! Can have serious consequences

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Parents and teachers are now warning young teens not to call each other “ugly” because it is a precursor to bullying.

 The article asks why people think being called ugly is something you would be embarrassed by and then goes on to tell the story of one girl who was bullied while she was a middle schooler.

The article also includes tips for how parents can help prevent bullying in their children’s social networks.

 The author points out that parents should monitor what their kids are saying online too. Another section demonstrates different ways that students could support each other.

 For example, if one person has had tough times with bullies or family members, someone could suggest they try out being a friend mentor rather than leaning on others for support alone.

Even though we may not be in middle school, it is good to think about what we say. People do not need to feel insecure or embarrassed by comments made by others. 

We should be able to stand up for ourselves without being rude or mean in any way. 

These are lessons that many of us learn when we are young, but it is always good to be reminded that our words have an impact on people around us.

overwatch be careful who you call ugly in middle school : Can have serious consequences 

1. Should people be allowed to call other people “ugly” ?

The answer is a definite no. There are several reasons why we should not let others call us names. If someone wants the rest of us to not like them, they could say that they are ugly, so it then becomes a competition between ourselves and them. 

That is what they want, but if we let them do that to us then we do not respect ourselves at all and we also may end up feeling bad about our self-esteem too. 

We should stand up for ourselves even when someone else tries to make us feel bad about something about ourselves or tell lies about our appearance. 

People have the right not to be called ugly because it hurts their feelings. 

People should be able to say what they want without others making fun of them. People should not be allowed to get away with name calling other people because it is just plain rude and mean.

2. Should we let others say bad things about other people behind their backs ?

No, we should not let others say bad things about other people behind their backs. It does not matter whether the person is nice or bad, but it also does not matter what that person does. 

We should still stand up for ourselves if someone brings up something about us that we do not like. We should not let other people talk behind our backs. 

We are human beings and deserve to be respected, the same way everyone else does. We all have feelings; so no matter what someone says about another person we should still stand up for them because it could happen to us one day.

 We need to stand up for people when they are being bullied or talked about behind their backs and since we are being taught that in school, we need to learn that lesson as soon as possible.

3. When we let other people call us “ugly” and get away with it, what kind of message are we sending to others ?

We have a choice to be around whomever we want as friends and family. We should not let anyone be mean to us or say bad things about our appearance because of how it can affect our personality. 

When someone does that to us, we should stand up for ourselves and talk about it with them because if they don’t stop then maybe they need a wake up call that their behavior was unacceptable.

 If someone calls you ugly or says something else bad about you behind your back, they are basically telling the world that they do not like you and everyone will know what they think of you. We should not be friends with people who do this because it does not just affect us as individuals but also other people who may have been close to that person. For example, if someone called my friend ugly, I would want to defend them.

4. What can parents do to prevent bullying in the home ?

Parents need to watch what their children are doing online and in school and make sure they are behaving properly and respecting others. 

If they see something inappropriate, they should talk with their kids about it, so then it can be discussed at home if the child has a question or seems upset about what happened.

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