what is BBA

Doing a BBA is one of the most lucrative choices for fresh high-school graduates today. Indeed, no other course offers as much value in terms of employment opportunities as BBA. If you do a BBA in 2022, you will be eligible for almost all entry-level positions in top corporate houses. 

If you have always felt attracted to the shine and glow of corporate life, then a BBA course is an excellent starting point. The course guarantees a job and makes you financially independent in 3 years. Really, no other course can make such claims today.

Financing your BBA

But doing BBA in one of India’s top colleges is not easy. You need good marks in your +2 to start with. After that, some top BBA colleges in India conduct an entrance test and a personal interview round. 

However, for many students, financing the course is an insurmountable difficulty. As a result, instead of BBA, they end up going for a B.Com degree, at the cost of significantly reducing their professional scope. 

But thanks to fintech, many of those difficulties can be overcome without much burden. We will look at some of the alternative ways of financing your BBA in 2022. But first, let’s look at the qualities that make a BBA degree good.

Qualities of top BBA courses

  • Hands-on approach – It is the most important aspect of top BBA curriculums today. The focus is on studying real-life industry cases and the decision-making process involved in them. Examining case studies frequently, and interacting with industry leaders are two common ways of inculcating a hands-on approach in BBA. 
  • Industry-exposure – Industry exposure is the cornerstone of a highly effective BBA degree today. You can do internships or take part-time work while pursuing a BBA. Top colleges ensure that students get internship opportunities during the course. Moreover, it comes with financial rewards as well, which helps to mitigate the costs of learning.
  • A global approach to BBA – Working at a top MNC means being familiar with how businesses operate across multiple countries. It is a special training program where you are taken to a global business destination and exposed to the needs of demands of different businesses. 

Top alternative ways to finance your BBA in 2022

1. Scholarships 

Scholarships are an excellent way of financing your BBA course in 2022. Many top private colleges offer scholarships to meritorious students. Usually, it comes in the form of deductions in the course fee. 

Usually, scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit- i.e. the performance of the candidate in the entrance exam of that institute. Some colleges also offer additional living expenses to students.

2. Pay After Placements

It is an innovation in BBA education that allows you to navigate the difficulty of course fees with relative ease. You can start a BBA with a registration fee, and pay the course fee in monthly installments after getting placed with a company.

With Pay After Placement, you can be financially independent during the course and pay the course fee with your own salary. It is one of the most effective ways of financing a BBA degree today and many top colleges have introduced this in professional courses.

3. Bank loans

It has been the traditional way of financing any educational venture in India for a while now. Bank offers loans to students and charges an interest rate of around 8%. Besides, the students have to start paying during the course.

With bank loans, you will end up paying way more for a BBA than the actual cost of the course. It reduces the Return on Investments (ROI) significantly and the course becomes less valuable overall. We won’t advise you to go for this unless you have to.


To sum up, a BBA degree can significantly help you to build a corporate career. With many colleges offering a BBA course today, it can become extremely difficult to find the right college. Of course, after that, comes the whole point about financing a BBA course. With this article, we hoped to help you to find the right BBA college for you. Take the right step and grab hold of your future!


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