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Everybody loves gaming! There’s just something about having a full-screen experience that gives you peace and relaxation. However, if your favorite games are distracting you from everyday life, there are a few ways to improve your game playing experience without compromising on the number of hours you play each day. 

This article will show you how to make your new funny gaming wallpaper even more appealing, explore cool ways to find wallpapers for your phone and computer, as well as offer some bonus tricks with how to avoid ads in game purchases.

1. Better Gameplay

The first step when creating your gaming desktop background, is to choose a title that reflects you. If you’re like me and love video games because of the thrill of exploring something new, your game title should match what you’re passionate about. If you can’t choose just one game for the wallpaper, pick a favorite RPG title. I’m going to use Skyrim as an example to show how this might look on my desktop:

I’m leaning more towards the yellow background in this example because of the landscape view of Skyrim and that I associate “beautiful” with “World” and “Eyes” are my favorite colors.

2. Finding New Wallpaper

Now that you’re ready to start using your new gaming wallpaper, the next step is finding a pic to use. The easiest way if you want a specific image is to take a picture of what you want using your camera and then upload it to the internet. But, if you don’t have a camera handy or don’t feel like taking photos of what you see, there are other ways to find cool game pics that fit your needs and style.

One great way is by searching for images on Google Images . These sites have millions of images from all over the web and can be sorted by relevance so it’s easy for finding exactly what you need.

3. The Best of Both Worlds

That brings us to Google’s new homepage, . This site has a cool feature called ” Images for your Desktop .” You can upload pictures from your Android or iPhone to have them saved on your computer as well. It’s a quick and simple way to find cool images related to the website you are currently visiting and is super easy to use. To create a desktop wallpaper from an uploaded image, just click on the toolbar at the top of the page and select ” Save Image .”

4. The Best Desktop Theme

If there is one thing that amazes me more than sandbox games, it’s that there are people who will play games on their desktop. There is a certain aesthetic to each and every game theme, some look like dungeons, some look like a medieval kingdom, some look like outer space and others are just plain boring.

However, I think the best game desktop theme is one that offers a variety of images for light and dark themes. With most themes you only have the ability to change colors, but this allows you to have different images in each color. The image below is a good example:

5. Avoiding Ads

When you buy a game, you’re not just paying for the game itself. You’re also paying for the added features, such as multiplayer and unlocks. Most of these extra features cost money whether they are competing with the original game or not. To avoid these additional payments, simply create a new Google account. I’m sure there’ll be an easy way to do this in the future and it’ll probably free up those saved passwords, but until then I suggest creating a new account to avoid any ads that might come with these purchases. Now you can continue your gaming experience while avoiding unwanted adverts!

6. Game Suggestions

If you’re like me, some of your favorite free games are hidden gems. My favorites include Battleheart Legacy, Fallout 4, and Titanfall. These games are all from a list I found on Reddit of the top 100 underrated games on Steam that you should try. If you ever get bored with your favorite game or have an itch for something new, run through this list and see if there’s anything interesting to play!

7. Virtual Reality Gaming Backgrounds

If you haven’t tried virtual reality yet, you’re really missing out! I love playing video games both online and offline so when I found out about virtual reality I knew I had to try it out. You can use Google VR to view cool VR content  or create your own.

8. Selfies

Some games have a built-in function called “selfie mode” where you can use your camera to take pictures and record short videos. To access this, simply go into the settings menu and select “camera.” The game will take you through a tutorial that will teach you how to take a selfie in game.

9. Screenshots and Screen Capture

One of the most useful features that came along with smartphones is the ability to create screenshots and video recordings of what is currently on your screen. While these tools were initially only for the Google Pixel, manufacturers have quickly caught up in making these accessible to all Android users.

10. Funny Screencaps

One of the most interesting techniques to show your love is to take a screenshot of your desktop wallpaper each time you change it. This way you can keep track of all the places you’ve been without having to scroll through a bunch of folders.


So, have fun with your gaming desktop background and check out some of the other cool time management games on GameHouse! If you have any questions about desktop gaming, I’m open to suggestions for what games to play that aren’t currently available on GameHouse. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

Welcome to the second part of this guide on how to best look at your phone or computer screen with the right settings. In part 1 we looked at some of the most commonly used settings such as screen brightness and touch sensitivity, how to prevent burning in your screen and how to get a better sound quality. This section will focus on a handful of tips that make every game more addictive.

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