If you’re keen on some scenery and not into crowds, then a walk up a hill is just what you need. But with so many hills around the world, which is the best one to visit? Fear not — we’ve compiled a list of our favorite  hill top with a circle of trees  places to visit. 

Mt. Pulag National Park, Luzon, Philippines 

The Mountain Province in the northern central part of the island is home to Mt. Pulag, a free-climbing destination and one of the few remaining wilderness spots in the country.

 Locals and visitors alike enjoy the mountain’s cool air at night, when it’s common to be greeted by a blanket of twinkling stars apart from the odd shooting star. 

Khao Luang Hill, Thailand

With its lush forest and teal-green waters, Khao Luang is a spectacular nature reserve where you’ll easily forget the hustle and bustle of the nearby city. 

At 1,819 meters above sea level, Khao Luang is also Thailand’s second highest mountain. The trek to the top takes about three hours one way, but it’s worth every step.

 There are a few caves along the way you should take a look at as well as a number of viewpoints after you reach the top. 

If you have time, consider starting from nearby Phu Soi Dao National Park or Pak Chong district before hiking to Khao Luang.

Mount Parnitha, Greece

Greece is home to several mountainous areas, but if you’re looking for a hill top to kick back and relax at, Mount Parnitha should be your pick.

 It’s well off the beaten path for most tourists, so you can enjoy unrivaled views of the surrounding area without having to elbow your way through crowds. 

Mount Parnitha is about an hour drive from Athens (you can even rent your own car) but it’s completely worth it.

Monte San Salvatore, Switzerland

Monte San Salvatore is a stunning mountain in the alpine region of Switzerland. 

At 2,504 meters above sea level, it’s the country’s highest natural point and a great place to hike with lots of lookout spots along the way. 

You can drive to Monte San Salvatore or take a train to Bivio station and take a bus from there. 

You’ll also want to make sure you bring your camera as there are several stunning viewpoints along the way.

Mount Kailash, Tibet

Located inside the sacred Himalayas, Mount Kailash is a mega holy mountain. 

It’s one of the most visited spiritual sites in the world and is said to be the source of all rivers and life. 

To reach the top, you’ll first need permission from local authorities and then trek up a steep slope. 

You’ll first reach a cave and then take a cable car to the top — an interesting way to get there because it’ll feel like you’re riding to heaven.


For breathtaking views of the African mountains and wildlife, you can’t beat Kilimanjaro. 

The trek up Kili is a long one — it takes about four days — but it’s well worth the effort to reach the summit; you can expect to see thousands of animals and campers during your stay. 

You’ll see Afrikaner women who live along the route and shepherds leading their flocks, or you can opt for a safari camping experience above the snow.

 There are several campsites at the lower end of Kili; you’ll want to start from there as well as camp at night as climbing during daylight hours is very dangerous. 

Mount Tamalpais, California

Designed by the famous architect Samuel Hildreth, who also designed Mount Vernon in Washington D.C., Mount Tamalpais is a beautiful hill top worth visiting because of its serene setting.

 It’s about an hour’s drive from San Francisco where there are many shopping centers and restaurants that will make you forget you’re in the city. 

For a short walk to get to the top, take the cable car up there which takes about 15 minutes.

 To get to San Francisco by cable car, you can either take BART to West Portal or Caltrain to Palo Alto.

Mount Baldy, California

At 3,900 feet above sea level, Mount San Antonio is the highest peak in Los Angeles and a great chill out point just outside the city.

 It takes about three hours to get to Mount Baldy from Downtown LA and you can either drive up there or take a bus. 

From the top, you have some incredible views of Downtown LA and can even see all the way to Santa Monica and Malibu.


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