This breaking news muncie indiana article is from the Chicago Daily Herald. You may have heard the story of the man who was arrested for allegedly stealing a gun and then went on a rampage. According to the newspaper, he was arrested for allegedly stealing a gun, and then he proceeded to kill five young men. He was arrested at a home in the city of muncie when he shot and killed his former girlfriend and her boyfriend and then took a gun and started shooting again.

The muncie police have finally been able to arrest the person responsible for the gun-stealing. Just a few days after the story broke, one of the men who was at the home where he was arrested for shooting and killing his former girlfriend was arrested for allegedly “stealing a gun” and this is what he actually did.

He’s not the only one. The police have a name for the person who turned his ex-girlfriend into a zombie. He calls him “The Dead.” It’s a common name for people who are not dead but are mentally disabled.

Its not clear if the person who was arrested is The Dead or another person, but its clear that the police are investigating him because of the gun he allegedly stole. We don’t know if the gun is long enough to shoot a zombie (as they did with this guy) or if he just wants to shoot a zombie in order to get a thrill.

The police have said they believe the person who turned his ex-girlfriend is a zombie. Its been reported that he’s had a gun in and out of his hand, but that he’s had the gun for about a month. The police are also looking for a second person who may be the person who turned his ex-girlfriend into a zombie. We dont know if this second person is dead or if he’s the one who turned his ex-girlfriend.

A day before the zombie apocalypse, police in Muncie, Indiana, were called to a home invasion.

The police say that the homeowner had a gun pointed at him and his ex-girlfriend. They say that the gun was loaded but not pointed at the person.

The woman who was holding the gun was dead.

The woman who was at the house that day may have been the man who shot the woman when she was shot. The police are also trying to identify the man who was at the house, but they don’t seem to have a clue as to who he was.

If you think that this is some sort of horrific, zombie-caused, murder-by-accident, you are probably mistaken. No, this is a home invasion. A man with a gun was trying to take a woman hostage. He tried to kill her, but was shot and killed. There were no zombie-related deaths, just a man with a gun.


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